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Yakuza Women Tattoos – Tattoo Designs And Ideas

yakuza women tattoos

They have long been a symbol of women’s rights in Japan. These women don’t wear dresses to hide their tattoos, so they have a special place in many cultures. The tattoo has actually been used for centuries as a way to identify members of the Japanese gangs. The meaning of this tattoo is as follows: “Life goes on, death is not permanent”

Meaning Of The Tattoo

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This tattoo means that you are strong and will not be intimidated by others. It is a sign of independence. When women choose this design, they are saying that they are strong willed and don’t mind living life to the fullest. You may have noticed that there are often a lot of rebellious and dangerous characters that are tattooed on women. These tattoos give the tattoo wearer a certain aura.

When selecting a tattoo design, make sure that it is unique and symbolic. If you are not comfortable with designs you have seen online, ask for some suggestions from your local tattoo artist. He or she may be able to offer advice on what could make a good tattoo design for you. You should choose something original and symbolic. Do not settle for the first design that you see inked onto your skin.

Yakuza Tattoos Have Several Designs

But one of the most popular is a yakuza mask. The symbol of the yakuza can symbolize a woman’s loyalty, hard work, perseverance, and determination in life.

The Japanese say that this tattoo is meant to protect the wearer. It is a symbol of protection from forces outside the law. A tattoo does not necessarily mean that the wearer has done something wrong. In fact, many people with a tattoo find themselves involved in unfortunate circumstances. But when the tattoo is done for the right reasons, then it serves as an expression of strength and protection.

One of the most common designs for a yakuza woman is the cherry blossom. The cherry blossom represents a strong willed person. This is also a design that is very traditional. Traditionally, a cherry blossom tattoo design means eternal love. There are several tattoo designs of the cherry blossom, which include the petals, the blossoming flower, and the whole flower in a large tattoo image.

Another Common Tattoo Is The Rooster

It is a symbol of luck and fortune. It is also known to stand for strength, courage, and determination. In Chinese history, the rooster symbolizes heaven, and in Japanese legend, it represents the sun. The Rooster tattoo is often combined with another symbol to enhance its meaning.

There are many reasons why women choose to have a tattoo design of the yakuza. Whether they are rebellious ambitious or want to showcase their good luck, the yakuza woman will have no shortage of tattoo design options. If you are considering getting a tattoo design of the yakuza, here are some great ideas to help you along your decision:


Yakuza women tattoos can be easily found on the Internet. There are many online tattoo galleries that specialize in this type of tattoo design. Many women find that they are able to combine a few of their favorite pieces to create a unique tattoo. Others choose to get a completely original tattoo design. Regardless of which way a woman decides to go with their tattoo, it is sure to be a very personal decision.

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