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Wrist Tattoos For Women – How To Make Yourself Look Sassy

wrist tattoos for women

Everything that you are need not necessarily be written or marked on your skin. If it is meant to last forever and then only get it inked on your skin, there will not be any regrets associated with it. Wrist tattoos for women are common as they redefine the wrist portion and provide a permanent accessory source. Tattooing or getting inked is challenging, especially for the first-timers, as it is painful, but the pain is worth the results, which wait at the end of the creation.

Wrist Tattoos For Women – Tattoo Ideas

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Women can describe their tattoos in so many ways, and the size of the tattoo plays a crucial role in defining their type. The giant tattoo you choose, the more pain will be associated with it. You can choose a small tattoo compared to a dot or as large as a football. The wrist tattoos that are smaller in size can be of various types. For instance, you can get a tattoo of a small dove, which is associated as a symbol of love, a flock of birds representing constant movement, an infinity symbol to define forever, or quotation marks on both wrists, etc.

The bigger size wrist tattoos can be of several kinds like writing a particular word, or name, or famous quotation from your book, bracelet design on the wrist, a tattoo of a skull as a symbol of boldness, a tattoo of mountains to define permanence, or a world map which defines the adventure behavior, etc.

Best Place For Placement Of Wrist Tattoos

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Women choose to place their tattoo anywhere on their wrist, but it is advisable to place it on the inner side of the wrist as it inflicts less pain than when to place it on the sides or the top of the wrist. The tattoo will be more visible on the inner wrist; thus, women can easily show off their tattoo and appreciate it. The inner wrist is associated with spiritual energy, making it a natural spot for getting inked on the hand.

Wrist Tattoos For Women – Safety Precautions To Be Taken

Women should take some precautions before getting tattooed on their wrist, like cleaning the hair off the wrist area where they want to get tattooed. They should eat properly before getting inked to avoid fainting during the time of getting inked. After the tattoo is made, you should avoid using any soap on that and apply petroleum jelly twice a day to avoid friction on the surface. Whenever you step out of the house, try to keep your tattoo area covered to avoid any damage to the skin. You should follow all these after precautions for at least a week as it is the minimum time your skin takes to heal from the damage caused to the tissues.


Women should do a proper study of the kind of tattoo they want before going to the tattoo parlor for getting inked as a wrong tattoo would cause you pain and will not be as per your choice, thus making it a waste of money and time.

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