Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?

Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?

]Are you willing to getting a butterfly tattoo? You should probably read the whole article. According to studies, men think a woman with a tattoo is less honest, less religious, and not the right person. Men have a perception that a woman with a tattoo has more sexual desires, so they find them less attractive, but it is not valid. The main reason why women love to get tattoos is to express themselves. Therefore, if you want to know what does a butterfly tattoo symbolizes, and where should you get it, check out below.

Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?
Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?

Different Types And Meaning Of Butterfly Tattoo

]A butterfly is a natural beauty that symbolizes faith, freedom, and transformation. Hence, traditionally butterfly represents feminity and love, which reflects your personality, and this the main reason why they are so fascinating. Here are some designs and their meaning of butterfly tattoos.

Butterfly Wings

Women get butterfly wings on their back because it represents the transformation. Just like a butterfly, which develops through a cocoon, shows her big colorful wings. If you have gone through a change, you should get a butterfly wings tattoo.

Butterfly With Rose

When a butterfly combines with rose, it signifies the symbol of love. Therefore in Greek, ‘psyche’ is used for butterfly, which is also the god of love.

Blue Butterfly

The blue butterfly is used for a symbol of good luck. Hence, some people get a blue butterfly as a lucky charm.

Japanese Butterfly Tattoo

You may do not know that the Japanese butterfly symbolizes marriage. Therefore, if you want to get a tattoo on your wedding or marriage anniversary, you should get a Japanese butterfly.

Yellow Butterfly Tattoo

In Scotland and Ireland, people put yellow butterflies near the grave, which represents a peaceful soul. Therefore, it is a symbol of happiness and peace. You can even get a tattoo of yellow butterflies in the memory of your loved one, who is not alive.

Place Where To Get The Butterfly Tattoo

It is challenging to decide where to get a tattoo. You may not know that a place where you are getting a tattoo also represents your personality. Moreover, there are some places where getting a tattoo is very difficult and painful. Therefore, here are some body arts whee women should get a tattoo.

Near Inner Wrist

Getting a tattoo near the inner wrist may be less painful. Moreover, you can even hide it in your office with a long sleeves shirt or watch, and flaunt it in your parties. Therefore, it is suitable for small tattoos, not for big ones.

Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?
Why A Woman Should Get A Butterfly Tattoo?


The reason why you should get a butterfly on your ankle is that it is the most feminine place to get a tattoo. Moreover, it is one of the least painful areas to get tattoos.

Behind The Ear

If you love to show the world about your personality, the neck is the best place to get a tattoo, although it is painful to get a tattoo on the neck.


If you want to get a Japanese butterfly tattoo, probably get it on your ring finger.

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