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Upper Arm Tattoos For Women – 5 Tattoo Designs That Would Recommend For You

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Upper arm tattoos for women are sexy and feminine, but they can also be bold and colorful. If you think you’re going for a subdued style, then you definitely won’t go wrong with this kind of arm tattoo. Since tattoos are meant to be a form of expression, sometimes it’s not enough just to have a mere upper arm tattoo. If that’s the case for you, keep reading to find out more about this kind of arm tattoo design. Here are the most popular tattoos for women in this area.

Butterfly Full Back Tattoos For Women

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It’s probably no surprise that many women would recommend this tattoo as one of the top tattoos for women. It is elegant, charming and it is definitely one of those things that women would always like to have inked on their bodies. However, you have to understand that this type of design is best worn on the back (for men) or on the front (for women).

Butterfly Half Sleeve Tattoos

A person holding a tattoo on his head

This is another popular choice among women. Butterfly tattoos are good tattoos for women because it can be easily covered with a short piece of cloth or a piece of clothing. Moreover, since tattoos are said to be a sign of an open heart, a woman who wears a butterfly half sleeve tattoo can truly express her true feelings.

Butterfly Tribal Designs

Another option for a great tattoo design for women is a butterfly tribal design. Butterfly tribal designs are very feminine and can work great on a woman’s lower back, on the shoulders or on the upper arm. The key is to make sure that you choose tribal patterns that would go well with your skin tone, hair color and eye color.

Skull Tattoos For Women

Women often love to have a look at skull tattoos. Skull tattoos for women are very striking because of the shadow that surrounds the image. It adds depth and realism to this tattoo design. Some tattoo artists even render the image as if it has a sword and shield wrapped around it.

Quotation Tattoos For Women

Lastly, I would recommend quotation tattoos for women. In particular, a quote from a beloved person or poem would be great. The quote would serve as a reflection of what’s inside your heart. Another option would be a quote from the Bible, which would definitely stir up interesting emotions in people.

Other Tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos are great when chosen carefully. Full sleeve tattoos are those tattoos that cover almost the entire arm. When choosing the best design, however, it is important to take into consideration how big the area actually is and how comfortable you will be when wearing it. Women who intend to wear long sleeve tattoos should consider getting smaller tattoos so that they do not feel bothered by the sight of the full tattoo.

Flower vines can also be incorporated into flower tattoo designs. They can be combined with other symbols to create something that would really speak about the personality of the wearer. A flower vine tattoo would recommend a certain kind of girl and could speak volumes about her personality.

Choosing the right tattoos for women requires some careful considerations on your part. It is best to consult with an expert in tattoos first before getting one for personal use. This way you can be sure that you have made the right decision on what to get. Choosing an upper arm tattoo is not only a matter of personal preference. Your choice must be based on how it will look on your arm and the size of the tattoos that you can afford to get.

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