Tribal Tattoos For Women


Having tribal tattoos on naked skin is a primitive fashion of humanity, from the very first days of civilization. The historical evidence state that, in the ages of no clothing, tattoos were made to cover up bare skin and make it attractive and noticeable, too. There are several tattoo designs people love to make crafted on them. But one of the most popular models is the common ones. Humanity could never forget its primitive natures completely. The ever-increasing craze about crafting tattoos on the body is again proving the myth to the fact.

Tribal Tattoos For Women
Tribal Tattoos For Women

Tribal Tattoos in Ancient Times

In ancient times, crafting tattoos on the body used to sound very masculine as women were not allowed to craft symbols on themselves. The tattoos are made to decorate the body and serve severe cultural purposes. Even now, in some tribes, tattoos are considered as a sign of youth coming. A lady with a tattoo signifies maturity to get married and capable of bearing a child.

Symbols And Designs

For men, symbols are proof of strength and endurance. Tattoos make men worthy of being a good warrior. Tattoos are tools of adornment and a way of self-expression. In earlier days, some tribes find women for tattoos, but there was a clear difference in designs for men and women. Men were used to going for brutal designs like skeletons, skulls, and crosses. However, women would go for floral and cutesy designs. But these differences make no sense today. According to the modern tattoo artists, now anyone can pick designs of his or her choice. The choice is no more controlled by the gender or that like factors.

Tribal Tattoos For Women
Tribal Tattoos For Women

Preference Of People

Though modern thinking does not accept the genre difference over gender, in the field of tribal tattoos, there are still some fundamental differences between male and female symbols. The female versions of tribal tattoos had to take up a long journey to date for equality with the male ones, and there remain some basic properties that clearly shows its gender preferences. The female versions of tattoos tend to be flowery and curvy in design. On the other hand, the male versions are spiky and gruff looking. The female symbols have a much delicate look with thinner and more intersecting curve lines than the male versions. The female tattoos emphasize on floral outlines, moths, and butterfly designs. Another property of female tribal tattoos is it tends to include a symbol of heart, little birds, and another animal within the map where the male ones have a general tendency of being abstract.

Suitability of Tribal Tattoos

This comparison is less important than the suitability, and the end product looks. So, it is not on your gender or any other factor. It is all about your choice and relevance. If you feel so much for design and do think that the plan will suit you, then the genre should not prevent you. All you have to keep in mind that you should not scream, saying ‘this is not my thing’ after doing the tattoo. So you have to establish your choice in your eyes and mind at first, only then you are recommended to proceed for your very own fashion companion.

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