Top Tattoo Designs For Women -

Top Tattoo Designs For Women

hand tattoos for women

Are you interested in hand tattoos for women? The designs are definitely impressive when well done. There are lots of amazing tattoos available. You should definitely consider getting one.

Tattoos Can Look Good Both On The Arm And The Hand

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A small butterfly design on your hand is always so cute, sweet, innocent and very feminine looking. Just as much as possible try to keep the tattoo design as simple as possible. If you are going for a full sleeve tattoo, the butterfly could be a good choice since it is easy to cover up. However, a full cross tattoo is more symbolic.

Moon tattoo designs are also popular among females. They are unique and can really make you stand out. Some of the most popular among them are the Butterfly tattoos, Pearl tattoos and Sun Tattoo. Butterfly tattoo looks like an elegant caterpillar.

Small Flower Tattoos

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Small flower tattoos are another option for women. They look good as a small addition to the arm or on the ankle. A small flower tattoo symbolizes femininity. In addition to that, you can add flowers in different colors to add more variety. Heart and star tattoos are also popular among women, especially those who love to wear sleeveless dresses.

Of course, there are some other popular among them are the fish tattoos and spider tattoos. Spider and octopus tattoo designs are good options if you want something that is unique. Fish tattoos, especially the giant variety are really attractive and can add more style to the arm.

Small Hand Tattoos

The next option is the small hand tattoos for women. They are a great choice if you want something small and cute. There are a lot of women who prefer butterfly tattoos since they can express their femininity. Common choices are the ladybug tattoos, tribal butterfly tattoos and Celtic tattoos.

The last category is the anchor tattoos. These tattoos are among the favorites among women. They are best suited for women who are into sailing, ship designing and such. Anchor tattoos look like anchors which are usually fluttering around. You can choose from a wide array of designs – from simple designs to intricate and detailed images.

With all these options, it is really hard to choose what tattoo you want. You can, however, narrow it down by focusing on what part of your body you want it on or how big your choice is. Just always remember that tattooing is permanent. So make sure to be able to take the pain!

Final Words

The choice of tattoos should never be rushed. Women are very careful when it comes to choosing a tattoo. This is because tattoos are not only for fashion purposes but as a way of expressing themselves through art. Selecting the best tattoos for your body can take some time and due diligence.

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