Top Dragon Tattoo Ideas - Worth Giving A Try - Top Dragon Tattoo Ideas - Worth Giving A Try -

Top Dragon Tattoo Ideas – Worth Giving A Try

dragon tattoo ideas

Dragon tattoos are most popular among men. Dragons are known for being ferocious, vicious, and turbulent. They are a part of several myths in cultures all over the world. In many countries, dragons are admired for their strength, wisdom, and power.

Dragon tattoos are considered versatile. The curved shape of the dragon tattoo lets your tattoo artist ink the design anywhere from your torso to your back or leg or maybe biceps. You can ink the dragon tattoo designs either small or large. Both ways, it is an eye-catching tattoo.

Here is a list of the best Dragon Tattoo designs worth your try.

Classic Dragon Tattoo – The Ferocious Ink

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The classic Dragon Tattoo design includes the scales, claws, wings, and of course, not to forget the fire. This ferocious ink looks great on the skin if done in several colors. Ask your tattoo artist to include a lot of real movements when tattooing. This will make your tattoo design lifelike.

You can ink the classic dragon tattoo anywhere on your body but the most preferred locations for this design are the biceps, back, and chest. For some people, these tattoo designs could be frightening. You can cover them with a piece of cloth whenever required.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo – Each Dragon Is Special

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The Japanese consider dragons as kind, protective, and wise. They believe that dragons watch over humans. Conventionally, there were six dragons in Japanese culture: Sui, Han, Ri, Ka, Fuku, and Hai. Each of these dragons has its unique qualities and powers.

For the Japanese, for dragon tattoos, the color is very important. For example, black dragons refer to wisdom while the green ones are related to nature. For an original Japanese dragon tattoo, try the irezumi style. This style is very colorful and adorned. If you don’t like such huge dragon tattoo designs, go for a small one.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo – Never Get Tired Of Seeing

The Chinese consider the dragon as a symbol of luck. On the contrary, in Western countries, dragons are associated with water, storms, seas, rivers, and lakes. They are considered to be a symbol of nobility and are associated with emperors.

The Chinese Dragon Tattoo art is more like a fluid one. Chinese Dragons do not have wings but have crests and curves that appear like waves in the water. It is most commonly inked on the forearm.

Dragon Ball Tattoo – For Dragon Ball Z Anime Fans

If you remember the Dragon Ball Z animal series, it was a favorite among kids for its action sequences and interesting mythology. The Dragon Ball tattoo is a subtle classic tattoo design, only the Dragon Ball Z animal series fans will understand. Drawn in orange and red colors. Suits best on people with fair skin.

The Final Word Of Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragon tattoos symbolize several things. It means different things in different cultures and backgrounds. In Chinese culture, it is thought to be unlucky when you fill in the eyes of a dragon tattoo before the complete tattoo is inked. The reason behind this is that the eyes are considered to be; the window to the soul and if the eyes are inked before the tattoo is finished, the dragon will feel the pain of being inked.

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