Top 5 Girl Chest Tattoo Ideas For Women

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Chest tattoos for women have become quite popular over the last few years. It seems that women have a desire to show off their body parts. This is not surprising as they are also the sexiest body parts there are. Women’s chest tattoos also reveal much about their personalities. If you choose the right tattoo design, you will be proud to flaunt it every time you walk down the street. There are many designs to choose from; however, here are some of the top chest tattoo designs for women:

Top Chest Tattoo Women Designs

* Floral Designs 

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If you are a lover of flowers then floral designs would make an excellent choice for your chest tattoos women. The fresh and lively colors of the flowers entice anyone who sees it. You can choose to have a lot of blossoms or just a few depending on how feminine and womanly you want your tattoo to look like. To give it a more Celtic flair, you can add some Celtic knot work patterns and meaningful words too.

* Floral Motifs 

Girl tattoo

Another popular choice for women’s chest tattoos is the floral designs. Floral motifs usually mean freshness and abundance. They are ideal for those who love the feel of the outdoors and long walks in the garden. Floral designs are usually supported by fair-skinned women. You can also add a touch of fantasy to it by incorporating a fern or a climbing vine.

* Asian Themed 

If you want to get an Asian inspired chest tattoo design then it is best if you choose flowers, birds and lanterns as your motifs. These motifs have long been a favorite of Japanese artists. They have also been used to create many famous works of art. There are various Asian themed chest tattoo designs available online; you can browse through many designs to find one that really suits your personality.

* Name Cover 

If you want a name tattoo but don’t want the name to be visible then you can go for a chest and have the name inside the tattoo. This is called a name cover. Name covers are usually done on the upper part of the chest. The great thing about this design is that it is very versatile since you can always change the name cover according to your preferences.

* Tramp Stamp Cover 

If you want to get a unique tattoo design then you can opt for a tramp stamp cover. Since you don’t need to cover up your chest with clothes, it is a perfect choice for women who want to show off their tattoos but don’t want them to be exposed. These chest tattoos come in many different designs. There is a tramp stamp cover that is shaped like a foot and there is also a design of a hand with a foot attached to it. You can add designs of hearts, stars and tribal tattoos to the chest tattoos.

* Full Chest Tattoo 

Another one of the top girl chest tattoo ideas for women is a full chest tattoo. These tattoos are best if you are interested in a more classic look and not so into bold, loud designs. Full chest tattoos have solid colors and can include an assortment of flowers. A full chest tattoo can make a woman look sexy and attractive. You can get full chest tattoo designs in different styles such as Celtic, tribal and butterfly.

Final Thoughts

While these tattoos can look amazing they are not for everyone. If you are allergic to needles or would prefer to get it tattooed somewhere else the best option for you is to get a henna tattoo. Henna tattoos are 100% natural and can be placed anywhere on your body including the chest area. It’s not just the placement that matters but how you tie the tattoo in with your personality. If you are a rock fan you could have your tattoo design inked on your chest area with a guitar-like design. If you are a sporty person you could have your tattoos zigzagging across your chest area.

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