Top 4 Most Popular Hindu Tattoo Designs

hindu tattoo design

Tattoos have been a part of many cultures and traditions. Over the years, it has gone much beyond the realms of fashion and has become a means of showing the association and belief of many people. In this regard, Hinduism is the oldest and deepest rooted religion still being discovered by the world. A lot of people have started finding spiritual solace and shelter in its gods and books. As such many people are having some of the Hindu Tattoo Designs on their bodies to feel a connection and be more close to them. Here are some of the prominent designs that are pursued by people.

Lord Ganesha Hindu Tattoo Designs

The Hindu god for wisdom, learning as well as thwarting all the hurdles, Lord Ganesha has been an identification of a great fortune and friend to many. He also has mentions in some of the distant civilizations of the world as well, far away from India. Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant and the body of a man and is a love of many people who believe in the presence of lordly blessings in the form of money and work. Therefore, he is one of the first preferences of many businessmen and artists.

Lord Krishna

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He is the guiding force for the entire world, a true friend, great lover, diplomat, leader, war strategist as well as a symbol of eternal peace and whatnot. Lord Krishna, is the epitome of spirituality. He carries a mischievous and charming personality and therefore, tattoos of him are a preference of people exploring the dimensions of spirituality with great depth. People also associate Lord Krishna and Hindu Tattoo Designs inspired by things of his like flute, peacock feather, cow, and Sudarshan chakra as their eternal friend and guide for their lives and beyond and so the tattoos of him are more of a cult.

Om – The Central One Of Hindu Tattoo Designs

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The majestic sound of the word “aum” is considered the sound of the earth, the universe, and the entire spiritual force in alignment. It is also a center of attraction of power, might, peace and energy. Hence, the symbol finds a place on some of the power points of the body as a tattoo. It is identified by many people as their first association with Hinduism and discovery of themselves. The best part is that this symbol can be centered around several design formats as well.


These are powerful symbol and triangular design combinations that make very powerful Hindu Tattoo Designs for attracting various positive forces or thwarting various negative forces. Yantras are a discovery of the spiritual engineering that has been done by the ancient yogis and rishis that make a pattern for shielding and awakening energy centers. Hence, it has been a preference of many people worshipping energy, working on metaphysical explorations, or practicing spiritual yoga as well.


Hinduism-based tattoos are a way for many people to associate with the earliest roots of mankind and what lies beyond them. It has become their mode of remembrance for their spiritual self and believing in a bigger force creating, binding, and running the universe.

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