The Best And Comprehensive Tattoo Tipping Guide For Beginners - The Best And Comprehensive Tattoo Tipping Guide For Beginners -

The Best And Comprehensive Tattoo Tipping Guide For Beginners

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Tipping your tattoo artist is one of the tattoo etiquettes that is followed for decades. From considering your hygienic to providing the best services, customers sometimes don’t pay attention while tipping to your tattoo artists. Currently, tipping the tattoo artists is the most underrated etiquette.

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, you should know some etiquettes like showering before the appointment and remodeling your tattoo. So before you get your first tattoo, you should understand why you should tip your artists and how much you should give.

Here is our well-researched tattoo tipping guide that every tattoo lover shouldn’t forget to consider.

Why Should You Tip The Tattoo Artists?

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Tipping plays a vital role in your tattoo making process like other types of services. Whenever you give a tip, it shows you appreciate the services provided by your tattoo artist. You should tip your tattoo artist because he/she undoubtedly works harder to provide their high-quality services.

Same as a hotel waiter deserves a tip, tattoo artists also need compensation for their services. Another reason for tipping the tattoo artists is they don’t receive the entire amount of money for their efforts. They only receive a very small percentage of money for their services.

Tattoo artists get 30-60% of tattoo earnings, as the remaining amount goes into the shop owner’s pockets. Finally, when you offer a tip, you build a strong friendly relationship with your tattoo artist. Unarguably, it’s important to show some appreciation to your artist’s talent and efforts.

How Much Should You Tip?

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Now, you understand that tipping your tattoo artist is relatively important; it’s time to know how much you should pay them. Now, honestly, there are no limits to tipping to your tattoo artist. If you have fallen in love with your tattoo, then the sky is the only limit.

However, if your pocket doesn’t allow a decent tip to your tattoo artists, you can settle for less. You should never hand a tip of a few dollars for their services, as that can be awkward. They will not tell, but your character will be easily judged. Subsequently, it’s essential to know the etiquette for tipping your tattoo artist.

Should You Tip Or Not?

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Although, tipping is the perfect way of saying thanks to your tattoo artist. However, tattoo artists never expect tips for the services they offer if they are getting a decent salary. Many artists never indulge in the thinking that clients will pay for their services. 

So, if you leave the shop, the artists will never stop and ask for the tip. If you have a low budget, you can avoid tipping your artist. Above all, you should only give a tip if your artist has done a good job.

Final Wrap-Up

Tattoo artists are very strange in the service based worker industry. They offer services to their clients and don’t even expect they’ll come back for their next tattoo. Therefore, make sure you give them at least a 15% tip to your artist.

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