Tattoos Idea Small - Here Are Some Suggestions For Your Next Tattoo -

Tattoos Idea Small – Here Are Some Suggestions For Your Next Tattoo

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Tattoos are very much a trend nowadays. People make tattoos as they show that they are bold and daring. Most people go for big and eye-catchy tattoos but some people like small tattoos that don’t catch much attention but look cool and elegant. There are many small tattoo ideas that one can resort to if he or she is planning to get one.

Tattoos Idea Small


One can have a meaningful tattoo, by tattooing a word that describes them the most or a letter that they cherish, or the emotion that delineates that person. One can also opt for some cool, funky, and random simple designs like a branch on a shoulder, a star behind your neck, a single leaf, or flower on the finger, a heart, or a cup behind your ears. One can also get a small butterfly to show that they are free and beautiful and live life to their fullest. One can also get an angel wings tattoo which is the epitome of success. An anchor tattoo is a good option too on the wrist or ankle. A keyhole, arrow, crescent moon, and infinity symbol are some tattoo choices that are never out of the trend. 

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women


For women, a small feather behind their ear to show that they are free can be a good option. They can also ink the Capricorn sign if their zodiac sign is Capricorn. An eye on the wrist to keep an eye on yourself and others, or a heartbeat behind your neck to show that you are still alive and can survive the hardest day, are some meaningful and good options. If one wishes to have some bold choices then she can ink crossed fingers allowing you to break a promise, a fire symbol, or sun and moon unified symbol to show your mysterious side. For some simple but elegant designs, one can ink LE in cursive on their wrist which looks decent, or an ampersand, constellation, dragonfly, or a bow.

Tattoos Idea Small – Small Tattoos Ideas For Couples

One can also make a tattoo with the person they cherish without it being too revealing but adding some meaning to their relationship. Some of them are quote and unquote signs, a queen and king crown, a sun and a moon, or the initials of each other. 


When it comes to tattoos, you have to focus much on the meaning larger than how it looks or how people would perceive it. If you are focused on the latter, then your agenda is completely wrong. A tattoo is something that stays close to you and will travel with you for the rest of your life if you are planning to get a permanent one. Let us just focus on what makes sense to you rather than how it looks. Thus, there are many small tattoos idea which look cool and elegant and can be carried by anyone. It can be either a meaningful or simple tattoo depending on one’s choice. 

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