Tattoos For Women – Like Them Traditional or New School?

Tattoos For Women - Like Them Traditional or New School?

Usually, an all-around love for skin art or what we like to call as tattoos can be seen among people. You can pass through the tattoo shop and get instantly fascinated by the swirl of reds, greens, yellows, and a whole lot of bold blacks. Then that is the traditional trend of tattoos they are falling for, people! Over the years, many tattoo styles have emerged. However, traditional tattoos for women, also known as classics, old school, or traditional inks, still rule because of their striking, colorful, eye-catching, and useful features.

The roots for this style can be traced back to hundreds of years, and everyone is more and more entranced with each passing year. Before the audience starts grabbing tattoo connoisseurs and artisans, let’s learn a little about the history of traditional tattoos.

Traditional Tattoos For Women - Like Them Traditional or New School?
Tattoos For Women – Like Them Traditional or New School?

The Iconic Designs And Influence

The bright colors, bold lines, and ever-changing but iconic designs are the aphrodisiacs for traditional tattoos. These gorgeous styles aged beautifully and achieved aesthetic in the community, which means along with glamourizing a person, these tattoos capture the essence of colors and are illustrative of its motive on their own. 

The traditional style of tattooing has a significant influence on the art form in various ways and has a foundation in the history of many countries and numerous cultures. However, this style flourishing in America included reasons assimilated in the past. The reasons are for the soldiers and sailors who had those tattoos while traveling during the war. It was for both the feel of protection and identification. While this legacy continues, Sailor Jerry, Don Ed Hardy, and Lyle Tuttle are some of the establishers of this style. Partly an art movement and part of a social enigma, one can never get a tattoo wrong in this genre.

Types Of Traditional Tattoos For Women

With a history, so fascinating, we can imagine traditional tattoos. The designs would be a rose anchor or a ship at sea or etchings of lethal but strong animals. The style includes these and more. Along with the stories of its origins, traditional art also represents the personalities. It could show the motives of the person with a satisfied tattoo. Tattoos of animals like sharks, snakes, and panthers represent strength and agility, whereas those of birds represent the free spirit and love for home. The Rock of Ages tattoo shows the ability of people to weather difficult situations. 

Traditional tattoos for women specifically include the cloak and dagger design symbolizes strong-willed and secretive females. The rose brings forward the feminine and soft nature of women. Also, the famous anchor tattoo symbolizes stability as it is the most secure object in a sailor’s life. Military insignia has tattoos representing brotherhood, and the pinup girl tattoo represents the vixen form of a female. By committing to a tattoo, you might be asking yourself the eternal question of who you are as a person or who you want to be.

Traditional Tattoos For Women - Like Them Traditional or New School?
Tattoos For Women – Like Them Traditional or New School?


Traditional tattoos for women cover it all: symbolism, origin, history, colors. Of course, their personality. However, getting inked needs a lot of planning and precautions. The list includes an effect on your wardrobe style, the ideal tattoo artist, equipment sterilization, and double-checking your tattoo design. Yes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But ladies, let’s give the beholders something to catch their eye.  

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