Tattoos For Wife Ideas - Come Up With a Design You Love -

Tattoos For Wife Ideas – Come Up With a Design You Love

tattoos for wife idea

This is one of the most popular tattoos for wife ideas – the lower back. I’m sure that the woman you love loves the attention and feels that it is validation for her being beautiful. The good thing about this tattoo idea is that there are so many variations to it. It can range from cute, like a flower in bloom, to more sexy, such as a Celtic cross. This one is definitely a keeper!

So, how do you approach this design? For starters, think about your own tattoo. What images would inspire you? If you don’t have a tattoo yet, consider having one. You may find that your perfect tattoo is exactly what you were looking for.

What are the popular tattoos for women these days? I would say that the most popular designs right now are stars and letters. That’s understandable, seeing as that is something most women love. It can be very empowering and certainly memorable.

Tattoos For Wife Idea

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Another option is lower back tattoos. It a great one to check out our butterfly tattoos. Why? Because butterflies have always been beautiful. There’s something romantic about seeing a butterfly.

Another popular option is tribal tattoos. They are usually simple, such as a tribal design that has stars all over it. Some designs are very intricate, with many different colors. Those with smaller tattoos will be better suited to a smaller back area.

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If you’re not into larger tattoos, don’t fret. Smaller tattoos on the lower back can still look amazing. The most common wife idea these days is a butterfly tattoo, but other ideas include Celtic tattoos, zodiac signs, flowers, and even names or dates.

The best thing to do when choosing the tattoos for your wife is to find something that you really like. After all, it’ll be a lifelong expression of yourself. While there are literally thousands of tattoos you can choose from, you want to find something special. This is not the time to skimp and settle for something that doesn’t say anything unique. Instead, focus on the artwork and what it means. Tattoos say a lot more than just a word.

A Much Ado

As you think about tattoos for your wife, keep in mind that this is an idea that you are going to have to live with for a while. So, if you can’t stomach the thought of getting a tattoo, at least make sure that the one you choose says something positive about you and your wife. Otherwise, it might be just the conversation piece you need to break up a boring dinner date!

If you know that your wife has a favorite band, play it in the background when you get your tattoos designed. This way, you’ll have a constant reminder of the song’s melody, and it’ll help you with your decision. Think about how many times you’ll play the song during the rest of the evening because you’ll definitely get a kick out of it.

Take some time when choosing the designs for your tattoos. The look of them is only secondary to the thought behind them. The colors and artwork should speak to you and convey your message. Keep this in mind when looking at any tattoo site. You may have a favorite band, so search for some tattoos by that band, or look for one that incorporates the colors from that group.

A popular choice for wives is the image of flowers, especially in hues of red and pink. It’s fun to have a tattoo that represents something you’re passionate about. Also, flowers can mean a lot of different things. For example, a bride having a bouquet of flowers in her arms symbolizes a new life ahead.

Bottom Line 

There are countless ways to come up with tattoos for wife ideas. As long as you keep in mind the message behind them, you’ll do fine. Don’t rush into anything, and make sure to talk it over with your partner first. You don’t want her to feel uncomfortable with it or hate it on her body.

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