Tattoo Ideas for Women -

Tattoo Ideas for Women

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One of the most amazing things one can do with one’s own body is to wear a permanent tattoo. It looks cool, trendy, hep and fashionable. Your tattoo design is a reflection of your personality and you can select and print just anything under the sun on your body on any area possible. Wearing clothes to showcase your tattoo is so much fun and many young men and women are getting their body parts tattooed these days. Some do it for fun, some do it to engrave the name of their loved ones as a memory on their bodies forever, some do it to stand for a personal or social cause. 

The beauty of the tattoo is that it is permanent and does not go away or fade away until unless removed by laser. There are tattoo professionals and artists who specialize in printing and designing the tattoos on the body parts. The profession requires drawing and printing skills and one has to be very gentle while tattooing on any part of the body especially the genital areas. Tattoos for women can be applied on the arms, hands, back of the neck, legs, hips and belly. 

Tattoos for women can be done on whichever part of the body they prefer. There are many tattoo shops in the world that specialize in professional tattoo art. They even have women tattoo artists! Many times, women go in for a particular design at some point of time which they dislike later. Such shops also specialize in tattoo cover ups and can transform your old existing tattoo into a completely new one. 

Types of Tattoo for Women

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Various tattoo styles include Traditional Old school designs, Polynesian Tribal designs, Americana, Asian Art, Neo-traditional, Black and grey, Celtic, Woman styles, typographic and Portrait. A tattoo is a permanent work of art and can be customized and drawn by hand according to your preference. There are many designs especially available to suit the delicate persona of women. Their tattoo designs are generally less aggressive than men and small and petite just like them. 

Body Parts to get a Tattoo

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  • Shoulder accent tattoos: A small beautiful piece of tattoo like a floral or a butterfly tattoo decorating one side of the shoulder looks great when the woman wears an off-shoulder dress. It doubles up like a beautiful piece of jewelry.
  • Above the ankle: this one looks very delicate and pretty when the girl wears a short dress or a skirt. It defines her femineity beautifully and can also give the appearance of an anklet.
  • Lower back tattoo: This one does not usually show but women can use this one carefully while wearing a daring backless gown or they can just flash it a bit while bending. This also cools look with crop tops and low waist denims.
  • Inside of the wrist: A common place to have a sweet design or a text engraved, this can be hidden by bracelets or watches.

Other places like thighs, stomach, feet, back of the neck, hips, fingers, upper arm, etc. can also be tattooed as per wish. 

So any part of your body is the best tattoo idea for women.

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