Stunning Flowers Tattoos Guide

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A flower symbolizes beauty, delicacy, feminity and fragrance. A pretty floral tattoo is quintessentially a women’s possession. There are a plethora of wild flowers in our world in myriad hues and with various purposes. Each of them have a different symbolic representation and a different meaning. While a person can choose any wild flower tattoo they desire, some do choose wild flowers based on their hidden meanings.

People choose a wild flower tattoo as a representation of their own character and as a reflection of their persona. Soulimagez is one of the best tattoo studios in San Jose, California and they specialize in all kinds of tattoo arts done by professionals.

Popular Meanings Of Different Wildflower Tattoos

Flowers Tattoos
  • Lily

If you are looking for a flower that can represent your spirituality, you simply will not find a better one than the lily. That’s not all they represent though. You can get a lily tattoo that means hope, motherhood, innocence, and so many other things. The lily is actually the perfect wildflower tattoo to get if you want a flower that can represent the many different sides of a woman. It also happens to be seen as one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet, so you really can’t go wrong with this wildflower tattoo.

  • Apple Blossom

The apple blossom (both the flower itself and the apple blossom tree) represents both peace and sensuality. This is yet another case of a flower representing two very different things. You could almost look at it as the perfect representation of the “free love” era in the 70s, though it definitely is fitting for plenty of modern men and women. Again, you absolutely do not have to use both meanings if they do not represent who you are. You could even get the apple blossom tattoo because it just so happens to be your favorite flower.

  • Dahlia

The dahlia is a very complex flower and has a full range of meanings, including change and even betrayal. If you are looking for a tattoo to represent a big change in your life, you could do a lot worse than the dahlia tattoo. Likewise, if you want to remember those who betrayed you so you are more cautious about the people you let into your life, the dahlia tattoo can easily represent that, too.

  • Pansy

If you want a very unique flower that has surprisingly not been tattooed on many people yet, look no further than the pansy flower. This purple and white flower has just one primary meaning: remembrance. In many cultures, the pansy flower is the one put on top of tomb stones of loved ones and friends, so it can very easily be used in a similar way in tattoo form. Not only that, you can get a pansy tattoo simply to remember an important moment in your life.

Flowers Tattoos

As you can see, there are plenty of wildflower tattoo meanings out there right now. Some wildflowers even have their own meanings, while others can represent the meanings that we listed near the top of this article. If you were thinking about getting a wildflower tattoo, you can be sure that there are at least a couple out there that will have meanings that you’ll want to use.

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