Small Tattoo Ideas For Women - Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

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If you are looking for simple and beautiful Small Tattoo Ideas For Women, keep on reading. You’ll find some great ideas right here, in this article. And, the small tattoo ideas for women are just a sample of many others out there.

A Cute Red Tattoo For Graceful Ladies

For the ladies who love to be graceful and elegant but still fancy a little spunk, get yourself a cutie and turn out your heels for the same with a red ribbon. Yes, that’s right – red. Even though it may seem overly romantic for a tattoo, let it also be a reminder that you have self-esteem. It would also make an ideal way to say “sorry” to someone who has just wronged you.

Aside from the many popular symbols that come with tattoos, most women want to have a symbol that represents something about them. This is why they go for feminine designs. These tattoo ideas for women make it very easy to create a custom design based on a specific characteristic of the tattoo’s owner.

Among the first tattoo ideas for women, flowers are usually the favorite. A tattoo of a flower can be given the same meaning as a tattoo of another type of plant: lotus. It is a gentle symbol that brings peace to the wearer.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women
Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel wings are another popular tattoo idea for women. The symbolism of the angelic wings can be very moving to the wearer and will definitely make a great addition to their personality. Tattoos of this kind are usually done on the inner thigh, which can be quite difficult to remove after the process.

Maybe, you have not heard about the word butterfly tattoo ideas. Actually, the name comes from its beautiful blue color. Its symbolism is an amalgamation of elements, such as sexuality, rejuvenation, and change, which makes the butterfly tattoo idea for women’s something unique and special.

Moth tattoos have always been part of tattoos and they are also among the tattoo ideas for women. More than one type of moth is usually depicted, each with different meanings. The moths may represent elements that are related to the bearer’s personality, such as responsibility and maturity.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women
Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Animal Tattoos: Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Animal tattoos are popular among women because they are universal in their symbolism. This type of tattoo design is also useful to express what you think of the bearer. In this case, the animal in question is a cat, which can stand for beauty and elegance.

Those who do not like to get tattoos of any kind often choose fish tattoos, since they have a strong symbolic meaning. The main thing about tattoos of this type is that you can design a tattoo to fit any part of your body and it doesn’t take a lot of time to draw the design. Fish tattoos are easy to complete and they are particularly popular among young girls.


For a female that is extra girly, get a tattoo of flowers. Lots of people like to combine flowers and nature. This way, the entire tattoo design for women will have a certain kind of symbolism. If the tattoo is very symbolic, then it will probably have to be done by a professional.

In this article, we presented some small tattoo ideas for women. The next article will be about the tattoo designs for men. You might want to check it out.

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