Small Red Rose Tattoo Designs For Women

rose tattoos for women

You want your tattoo design to be unique and convey the message that you want to get across. I’m going to tell you where you can find some great ideas, along with some details about each design.

There are many different tattoo designs of roses. Some are small and delicate, almost like peonies. They’re usually placed on smaller parts of the body, such as the foot, ankle, or wrist. Others are bigger and placed on larger areas. For example, many people get huge, sprawling tattoos on their arms and back.

It Can Signify The Eras Past

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A small and simple rose tattoo design can be cute and sexy, or it can signify the eras past. The petals are often black and add an elegant touch. The rose tattoo design for the shoulder, back, or wrist is usually simple, yet classy. In this case, the black ink is representative of the darkness that comes with the times, while the petals symbolize the new beginnings.

Another popular rose tattoos for women are the pretty little petals. These look cute and feminine. Usually they are done in pretty pink and include the pink petal being part of rose petals. The black ink makes these tattoo ideas especially cute, as well. However, these can mean other things, depending on the artist. It may be a way to symbolize femininity, or it may mean that it’s just fun to have a small bunch of flowers on a certain part of your body.

A Tattoo Designed On The Arm

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You may also want to have a tattoo designed on the arm, but you have two choices here. First, there are arm tattoos that incorporate the petals from the rose, but then the whole arm is covered in black ink. Second, you could have the black and pink colored ink on the entire arm. Either way, the tattoo will look great no matter where you decide to place it.

When people think of rose tattoo designs, they most often think of these beautiful and colorful blushed red roses. These are definitely a popular choice for women. You can have these tattooed on almost any part of the body, although you should keep in mind that there are definite areas that are more apt to receive this type of design. For example, the shoulders and the lower back are two great places for these tattoos to go. However, there are other places as well that you can get them, such as the lower back, or the foot, or even the ankle, or the shoulder blade.

A Lot Of Color Involved

Usually, when you get rose tattoos for women, they have a lot of color involved. They can be very beautiful when they are done correctly, but you do have to keep in mind that the skin tone is very important.

A lot of times, people who get these tattoo designs want to match the color of the skin to the rose, so they get the tattoo in the exact shade of their skin. However, the problem with this is that it can actually hide the real beauty of the tattoo if there is a lot of shading.


It all depends on what you are looking for when you are choosing your tattoo, whether you are looking for something that is large and in a larger size, or something that is smaller in stature. The smaller rose tattoos for women usually have some smaller red rose tattoo designs painted onto them. The nice thing about this is that it looks great, but it is not as attention grabbing as having a large tattoo on your body. These are just some of the best ideas for having a small red rose tattoo designed for women.

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