Short Quotes on Adversity Idea Tattoos To Make 2020 Remember -

Short Quotes on Adversity Idea Tattoos To Make 2020 Remember

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2020 has not been such a grateful year we all were expecting, pandemic hit us and we all were caught at home like a bird in a cage who was allotted everything at home but not the freedom. So obviously you are going to think it is not worth remembering. But think the other way, we tried so many unexpected things, we tried our hands-on cooking, gardening, we had enough for growth, to follow our passion, to relax, to spend time with partner and family, and many more. Now tell, is it not worth remembering? I guess, the answer is, Yes, it is worth remembering. The best way is to get an adversity idea tattoo. Adversity words themselves mean unpleasant situations, which we already know that 2020 went like. So here are some adversity idea tattoos you can pick for yourself.

List Of Quotes On Adversity Idea Tattoos

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Those Things That Hurt Instruct

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This famous quote is given by Benjamin Franklin which means that challenges make you stronger, it makes us courageous and wiser.

Things That Were Hard To Bear Are Sweet To Remember

This quote is written by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, which means that there might be a time that occurred in life where there is nothing but pain, struggle, and sufferings, teaches you how tough you were and how far you have come.

What Does Not Destroy Me Makes Me Stronger

This quote is written by Friedrich Nietzsche, which means that going through difficulty and hardship builds your strength, makes you mentally strong, and helps you to overcome future problems.

Fire Is The Test Of Gold Adversity Of Strong Men

This quote is given by Seneca, which means that difficult times test our potential and push us from our comfort zone. After overcoming the hard times our real shine comes out.

I Can Sympathize With Everything Except Suffering

This quote is written by Oscar Wilde, which means that people should cherish and appreciate good things to them at a moment rather than searching for ways to chant their pain and tragedy.

If Suffer We Must Let Us Suffer On The Heights

This quote is given by Victor Hugo, which means that man has to suffer and without suffering there is no learning and a man with suffering is a man who is alive. If you can’t go higher on success, at least we must be higher on suffering to go to the depth of what it is teaching us.

To Suffering There Is A Limit To Fearing None

This quote is given by Sir Francis Bacon, which means that suffering is physical which will come to an end after a limit but fearing is for a life that has no end.


You can adversity idea tattoo for any reasons to feel attractive, for self-expression, artistic freedom, or to overcome the struggle of 2020. Adversity idea tattoos have deep meaning, a permanent reminder of something happened.

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