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Popular Tattoo Designs for Women

tattoos of women

Modern tattoo trends probably originate from the pinup tattoos that sailor’s used to have. Tattoos of women have been very popular back when males were away traveling around the globe or fighting in conflicts. For some, it was just a reminder of their woman back at home, and for others, it boosted their moral – famous celebrities would frequently drop by and support the men fighting in battles, which was very beneficial for those men too.

Tattoos Of Women

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Now, tattoos of women are very common among women – from full sleeve, small piece to arm band tattoos done with stars, hearts, flowers, angels and tribal lines. Tattoos of women vary greatly in style, form and even location, with the back being the most popular location for a woman to get a tattoo done. Some choose a location on the lower back to show off their tattoos, while others go for tattoos on their upper arm or shoulder area, because they can easily cover up these areas with clothes. The right arm is also a great location, as it is the part of the body that is usually exposed to the public.

Tattoos of Women come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, styles and designs. Some women opt for tattoos that are very elaborate, consisting of many different colors, shapes and forms of art. These can add color and vibrancy to an otherwise bland outfit. However, there are also women who prefer simple tattoos that are very basic and easy to hide. Common tattoos among this category include the number “Four” (four fingers by two lines and a dot), the flower “Daffodils” with a star in the middle, and the word “Brat”. All of these tattoos have a military or gang related meaning, but they are also common among women who want to show their non-criminal identity.

One of the most famous symbols that have been adopted by tattooing culture are the “bones and wings” style of tattooing. This tattoo style first appeared in the 19th century when prisoners were given tattoos on their arms, legs and chests in prison to identify themselves. Today, many women still opt for these kinds of tattoos for their confidence, toughness and individuality.

Another highly searched tattoo style is the “Mermaids and Dolphins” category. Women opt for this popular design since its definition is not too confusing. It simply refers to two beautiful women lying together on a beach. There are various versions of the tattoo, one which consists of two mermaids lying on each other’s back, while another displays a couple of dolphins floating together. Since women usually choose this design when going to the beach, this is a good choice if you think that you will be in the water a lot.

Tattoos with butterfly, flowers, stars, heart, wings, roses and tribal tattoos are also common. All these designs enhance the beauty of the woman’s body and represent her personality. If you are planning to get a butterfly tattooed on your right arm, you have to make sure that the butterfly you chose is large enough to serve as your tattoo. For those who don’t want to flaunt their tattoo on their arm all the time, there are tattoo concealers available on the market which you can use as a cover up. The concealer will allow you to look stylish without displaying your tattoos.


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Another very famous and common design for American women is the Harley-Davidson tattoo. Women who get this kind of design usually love biker girls. It would be perfect for those girls who love playing tough guy. Biker girls tattoos of women are mostly inked on the back of their legs.

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