Perfect Tool for Tattoo Artists for It Provides High Density, Suitable Machine for Precise Line Work

A tattoo is a type of art that is expressed in form of body modification by inserting ink, dyes, or other pigments. These imprints are either temporary or permanent depending upon the type of ink used. Makeup tattoos are aesthetic and are pleasing to the eye. Tattoos are made of different designs and forms. They differ in shape and size. 

There is a makeup tattoo machine that is used to draw different designs. It has a needle that acts as the tip of a pen. The ink comes out of the needle and many designs are drawn on the skin just like drawings are drawn on the paper. The term micro pigmentation is referred to permanent tattooing. 

In this article, we will be introducing a professional permanent makeup tattoo machine that is used for making permanent tattoos.

Let us see what the product is all about…

Professional Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine

The package of the product consists of one piece of a professional permanent makeup tattoo machine. The size of the needle varies and is available in many sizes. It has an excellent performance when it comes to creating tattoos. The tattoo machine has seven levels of speed and has less weight. It is an electric gun whose body is made up of stainless steel. The machine has multipurpose use.  It can be used as a tattoo pen machine, microblading machine, tattoo rotary machine, micro shading machine, and as a permanent eyeliner set.

This makeup tattoo machine is of professional use only. The price of tattoo machines is quite high. The product can be bought under the category of body art and style and fashion. The machine offers a wireless experience.

Purchase your Professional Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine today.


  • Commodity Quality Certification: ce
  • Plug Type: EU
  • Model Number: LGTG-L15
  • Gun Type: Electric
  • Available Color: Silver/Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: Tattoo Gun
  • Needle Type: 1P/2P/3P/5P/3F/5F/7F/Nano
  • Series: Portable Permanent Makeup Pen
  • Usage: Eyebrow Lip eyeliner Tattoo
  • Suitable: Professional Use only
  • Package: Tattoo Machine with Gift Box Package
  • Needle Size: Easy Click Cartridge Needle
  • Feature: Permanent Makeup Pen with Holder
  • Function 1: permanent eyeliner set
  • Function 2: tattoo pen machine
  • Function 3: microblading machine
  • Function 4: tattoo rotary machine
  • Function 5: microshading machine


  • The permanent makeup tattoo machine makes less noise.
  • The tattoo machine is suitable for tattooing eyebrows and lips.
  • The tattoo design is long-lasting and hassle-free.


  • A permanent makeup tattoo machine may cause an allergic reaction to the skin.
  • Using the needle of a tattoo machine increases the chances of skin cancer.


The permanent makeup tattoo machine is a convenient machine for designing tattoos on the body. It is safe and is a highly recommended product. To avoid infections on the skin or other skin-manifested problems, one needs to get their skin checked to ensure, there are no abnormalities or derangements in the skin.

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