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There are many reasons that people get permanent tattoos on their bodies. Sometimes it’s for attention, artistic love, rebellion and a visual display of a personal narrative and these reasons vary from person to person. Society is still filled with stereotypical people who think that if a person gets a tattoo then his/her upbringing is not good, he/she won’t be able to get a government and what not people with tattoos get to hear. It’s 2021 and it’s enough if you still think, what others will think of you. Getting a tattoo is your choice, it’s your body and your body is your journal.

You should not seek anyone’s validation for something you love doing. Every tattoo has a different meaning, a unique tale to tell you. Man is a cave of mysteries. And every tattoo on the body has a story hidden behind it. Some people mark themselves for a lifetime reminder so they get ancient saying, religious scripture or the name of their love interest. 

This article is about microblading pigment permanent ink. So let’s just know a bit more about these amazing products especially meant for tattoo lovers out there. Below is mentioned the specification about the product followed by the pros and cons of microblading pigment permanent ink. So let’s start. 

Professional Microblading Pigment Permanent Ink

Microblading pigment permanent ink is of two types organic and inorganic where the organic ink is made of fruits and vegetables based pigments which are also known as “lake pigments’ ‘. On the other hand, inorganic ink is made of iron oxide which is found in association with other metal-containing acids for example lead, mercury and arsenic. Choosing ink between organic and inorganic is totally up to you. But there is rising concern over increasing cases of skin cancer among people who got inorganic tattoos inked on their body as their tissues weren’t that strong to handle toxic chemicals which entered the body through the ink. 

Let’s proceed ahead to know more about this organic product made from natural plants and safe and secure to use. 


  • Model Number: Tattoo ink
  • Type: Tattoo Ink
  • Pure natural plant refining: Safe and secure
  • Fast colouring, long-lasting effect: Not easy to fade
  • Function: Permanent makeup
  • Support: Wholesale/Drop Shipping
A person holding a bottle


  • The colour will last longer and will not easily fade away. 
  • It is safe to use for almost any skin type. 
  • The colours are vibrant and perfect for body art. 
A person holding a bottle


  • These microblading pigment permanent ink comes in small bottles. 


A microblading pigment permanent ink lasts for 18 to 30 months. Once the procedure begins to fade noticeably you need to go back to your practitioner for a routine touch up. This article contains all major information about microblading pigment permanent ink, which I hope was useful for you to read. Stay tuned for more such updated products you will love to have. 

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