Pay Tribute To Loved Ones With These Women Memorial Tattoo Ideas -

Pay Tribute To Loved Ones With These Women Memorial Tattoo Ideas

women's memorial tattoos

Tattoos never go off the trend, whether it’s a simple flower tattoo or a caption or simply the name’s initials. Most of the tattoo designs are in the trend right from the watercolor tattoo to God’s art; some tattoos are carved in the honor. Women memorial tattoo designs let you express your feelings and let you remember them every time, even when they are far away.

So, if you love tattoos or about to get one, here are some of the women’s memorial tattoo designs.

Women Memorial Tattoo Idea To Honor Loved Ones

A person taking a selfie in a dark room

Birdie Quote

A close up of a boy wearing a hat

A beautiful bird and a quote that is dedicated to that person will be a great tribute. It is a popular one and defines the loss of a person who was a vivacious soul. It says that you are going to miss that person forever and appreciate the way they lived.

You can get one such design either on your arm or back of the shoulder. This way, it would be visible to everyone.

A handwritten Quote

A calligraphy design or wavy fonts are attractive, but a handwritten quote would have more impact. There are lots of artists who can copy the same writings and design a well-written letter or inspirational words.

Find an experienced designer and must get this unique women’s memorial tattoo.

Coordinate Tattoo

If you have a good memory with that person and want to dedicate a design to them, get a coordinate tattoo. It features a favorite place where you and that person had made so many good memories.

This tattoo even gets a name, time, or location’s name with the design. It would be an interesting one so you must try.

Missing You

Tattoos with rose and phrases are very popular, and a missing phrase women’s memorial tattoo design would be the best one to honor them. This design would comfort you during those hard days when you miss them a lot.

Since the phrase is long, you can either get it on the arm or thigh or back of the shoulder. You can even personalize the tattoo.

Book Tattoo

The chapters of life may be over, but the pages won’t end. That’s what this book tattoo features and encourages you to live even without those memorable people. So, enjoy books and life with this one tattoo design.

Always In Mind

The loved ones are in the heart and mind. They never go anywhere from our memories. This women’s memorial tattoo also defines a picture of small flying birds. Nothing can be better than this kind of tribute, so get it done on your shoulder, arm, or chest line.


Tattoos not only define art, but they also remind us of the lost souls who were close to our hearts. And they are the best tribute for someone who never wants to forget them. Get a women’s memorial tattoo to give tribute to your lost or beloved female friends or members. You can choose from a custom design to personalize the design as well.

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