Naked Women Being Painted – History

naked women being painted

Naked women being painted is a western traditional art form. This art form comes under the category of nude art. This art form comes from ancient Greek art. The representation of human bodies played a vital role throughout history; these mainly contain nude portraits of bodies, especially of women; the foremost example is “the birth of Venus, Courbet’s the origin of the world” And “Modigliani’s reclining nude.”

Human bodies are considered a fantastic source of inspiration for the art of an artist because it embodies beauty and desire. Over the centuries, naked women paintings have created aesthetics of both body and beauty. Let’s have a look at a brief history of naked women being painted.

Middle Ages And Pre-Renaissance: The Sacred Nude

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In the times of the Middle Ages, the church used these nude paintings to show the vulnerability of men. In those times’ art was used for religious purposes only, and the nude was considered a sin. These paintings referred to the mortal and imperfect conditions of men. Adam and Eve are considered synonymous with nudity and sin. In those representations, their genitals are often covered with snakes and leaves.


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It is a masterpiece that represents Adam and Eve being driven out of Eden. It was created for the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. Masaccio represents Adam lowering his eyes and hiding his face and Eve hiding her nakedness, her eyes are spinning, and her mouth is open. This represents that she is screaming. Above them, we see an angel who is wearing red clothes and pointing towards the exit.


Musolino is known as “the original sin.” Masolino was created in 1424. In Masolino – Adam and Eve are looking at each other with an air of serenity and standing tall and majestic. Both Adam and Eve look bright and beautiful; it represents the condition of man before and after committing the first sin.

The Birth Of Venus(Botticelli)

It was painted in 1485; Botticelli took the first credits to become the first artist who painted naked women without any religious reasons. It was never seen in Europe before; its measurement was 172.5 by 278.5 centimeters. It was a representation of Venus, who gracefully revealed her body. To avoid censorship, Botticelli folds her long hair to her genitalia.

La Maja Desnuda(Francisco De Goya)

In 1790 Francisco De Goya painted naked women; for the first time in 3history, he showed pubic hairs of real women. This nude was created without any justification. The naked woman stares directly into the eyes of viewers with confidence and without any shame or shyness. Realist painters are often focused on taking nudes from their daily lives, and those models belonged to lower social classes like prostitutes, actresses, and lovers.


Naked women being painted is an important art form that played an important role in ancient history. Some may find it controversial, but in the end, it’s an art, and art should be respected and should be taken as art only.

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