Mind Blowing Lesbian Tattoo Designs

lesbian tattoo design

Tattoos are a great way to express your individuality, but what if you’re gay? With more people coming out and embracing their sexuality, there are more tattoos available for LGBTQ folk. Below is a list of the best lesbian tattoo designs in the world today. What are you waiting for? Start looking into your next ink!

Floral Patterns

A person holding a tattoo on his head

Floral patterns are one of the most popular tattoo designs among lesbians, and there are many different variations. Floral patterns can be found on almost any part of your body, but they’re usually most prominently placed on arms, shoulders, and stomachs. However, some lesbians have their entire bodies covered in flowers!

Geometric Patterns

A person holding a frisbee

Geometric tattoos for lesbians are usually intricate, patterned, and bold. The repetition of shapes is appealing to those who like simplicity in their design. This style often features arrows, waves, triangles, swirls, or squiggles that can be soothing to some.

Signature Pieces

Many lesbian tattoo designs are symbolic. For example, to show their commitment to their partner or clarify that they are not interested in men. A lesbian couple might get matching tattoos, which is then considered their signature piece. Another common symbol of lesbians is two women holding hands with blue ink on them.

Butterfly Tattoos

Beautiful, feminine, and easy to carry with you no matter where you go, butterfly tattoos have come to symbolize change, progressiveness, and metamorphosis. They’re also an excellent way for lesbians to show off their love for all things feminine.

Tribal Armband Tattoos

The process of getting inked with tribal tattoos is often quick and relatively painless, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This is because most people find that they don’t have any sensitive or nerve endings in their arms, so it’s not quite as painful as in other more exposed areas. Plus, there’s less tension on your arm muscles which can make things go more smoothly.

Star And Dot Work Designs

 One of the favorite parts about these tattoos is that they look good no matter where you put them, making them so versatile. You can have one on your foot and one on your shoulder blade, and it will still work because they are just black outlines. This also means you can get more than one tattoo in that style to create some cool-looking sleeves or back tattoos.

Quirky Entwined Designs

One of our favorite designs on here is two lady symbols intertwining. This design is perfect for any couple who prefers to keep their relationship private or for those who are looking for a more subtle but still cute way to signify that they’re in love with another woman. The one downside to these tattoos is that they can sometimes be mistaken as an opposite-sex tattoos if not done correctly.

Final One: Ladybug And Butterfly Design

Butterflies and ladybugs are often thought of as symbols of love, and when they’re combined, they create something that can’t be interpreted any other way. Two butterflies or two ladybugs kissing is one of those tattoos that no one will ever question it means. This design is perfect for anyone who loves beautiful things and has been in love at least once in their life.

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