Lyrium Tattoos Ideas And Concepts You Should Check Out - Lyrium Tattoos Ideas And Concepts You Should Check Out -

Lyrium Tattoos Ideas And Concepts You Should Check Out

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Dragon Age is the game that talks about lyrium tattoo ideas. The substance used in the lyrium is extremely toxic and highly volatile. There are a group of elves that can mine those safely in the game. There are many lyrium tattoo ideas available out there. Lyrium tattoo ideas range from veins that can be drawn all over the body. There is a lyrium tattoo idea in which the tree-like branches are drawn from the lower back up to the neck. People choose from a variety of lyrium tattoo ideas that are available. The lyrium tattoos are sometimes painful to touch but can be blend in with skin as time passes. People who are avid fans of dragon age choose and create inspiring lyrium tattoos and are hugely popular all over the world. The main character Fenris in dragon age has a series of lyrium tattoos all over his body. People get inspired by the different lyrium tattoo ideas that get a twist and progression as the dragon age series goes on. The patterns in lyrium tattoos are inspired sometimes by ritual designs and other things giving people options to choose from lyrium tattoo ideas.

Lyrium Tattoos Ideas – Skeletal patterns

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There are different types of lyrium tattoo ideas to choose from. One of many is the skeletal and ritual pattern, which is made recently and is very much inspired by Fenris’s new power ability that would be developed in the new dragon age. The looks come out clean as it seems that there robes someone is wearing rather a skeletal vein structure. The design is like a warrior going to fight a battle. This lyrium tattoo idea is unique and liked by many.

Feather Patterns

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Another idea that pops up from Fenris lyrium tattoo is feathers. The character was inspired by this pattern and can be seen in his tattoos. The fluff of feathers is made all over the body. Like in the game focus is given to the shoulder is given, the tattoo disappears near the leg but stays in the upper portion of the body and that is what makes it very different and unique. The feathers are made like a real bird and can be done in different colors also textures could also be somewhat different.

Lyrium Tattoos Ideas – Bark of Trees

This is another lyrium tattoo idea that looks pretty and cool. The body is covered with veins that look somewhat that in the bark of a tree. The colors could be incorporated into the tattoo. The lyrium starts from the hand and people sometimes choose to tattoo the face too. The lyrium describes the connectedness of different parts of Fenris’s life. People believe that the veins of the tree have some kind of power. The fluorescent tree bark design is becoming quite popular as it glows in the dark. The tattoo idea is one of the highly made design all over the world


Fenris is a quite popular character of dragon age 2. People are very much inspired by his lyrium tattoo ideas and try to replicate the same. The tattoo keeps on changing depending on where the character is going in the game. Every year different tattoos of lyrium come and variations make them unique from other designs as there is a story behind them.

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