Latest Trendy Tattoos for Women You Got To Check Out

tattoos for women

It’s 2021 and everyone is crazy about tattoos and piercings. Though trends keep coming and going, these two have consistently paved their way in. tattoos are something that we owe back to our ancestors. All through the ages tattoos have kept evolving with change in fashion trends generation after generation. Today when you look around you will be surprised to see a plethora of various tattoo designs flooding the market. Earlier tattoos were mostly male oriented but today times have changed. There are gallons of feminine designs waiting to get inked on your skin. Before getting yourself inked you must first know about all the different options you have so that you don’t regret after getting one. Tattoos are a lifetime companion so choose your design wisely. To know about the quirky tattoos which are very famous among women read the whole article.

Mythical Tattoos

Though now rarely someone talks about old mythology and stuff yet it is surprising to see that the people today draw their tattoo inspiration from different characters of the mythology. It not only connects you to your culture but also makes you appear funky and cool.  Magnificent portraits of the deities are unique pieces of art and l gives a bold appearance to your personality. Tattoos of Medusa from Greek Mythology have gained much popularity in recent years. Medusa stands for empowerment which the women today need. Medusa tattoos are quite famous among students and young girls.

Butterfly Tattoos

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Butterflies are small delicate beautiful creatures which symbolizes peace and prosperity. Getting a butterfly tattoo inked looks very cute and enchanting. There are enormous butterfly tattoo designs available and you can choose according to your wish. You can get butterfly designs of different shapes and sizes. You can also personalize your own butterfly design and get it inked along with a small quote.

Heart tattoos

Heart tattoos are very famous among the ladies. It symbolizes love and the bond shared between two lovers. If you don’t want a huge tattoo that peeps from every outfit then a heart tattoo is just for you. You can also get a heartbeat inked on your wrist. It will give a delicate and generous look. Many couple heart designs are in trend in which you and your partner can get inked together.

Mythical Creatures

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Mythical creature tattoos come in a wide range of designs. Among many others, dragons, wolves and unicorns are the most famous. You can opt for a fierce dragon tattoo unleashing fire which gives a powerful statement. If you are a person who likes to procrastinate and believes in fantasies then you can go for a unicorn tattoo. You can also choose other animals like lions or any pet if you have one.

Minimalist Tattoos

Small minimalist tattoos never go out of trend. It looks very classy and chic. You can personalize your own design and patterns. Images of clouds, arrows, feathers, clocks, and flowers are very famous and look exquisite. You can also just get a quote inked. It will serve as your source of inspiration as well.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the latest genre of tattoos. If you are bored from the usual black ink and want to explore something new then you can go for this. Watercolor tattoos look vibrant and are aesthetically pleasing. Floral prints are most widely used in watercolor tattoos. However, you can design your tattoo that way you want it to look.

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