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History and Benefits of the Phoenix Tattoo Design

phoenix tattoo design

Are you looking for a Phoenix tattoo design? The Phoenix is perhaps one of the most recognizable birds in the world. Whether in the art or in literature, the Phoenix has always been a symbol of rebirth, change, renewal and the rising of newer life. In addition to the mythological meaning, the Phoenix also represents change, fire and the ability to thrive even under the worst circumstances. There are different ways to portray the Phoenix, so it is up to your imagination and your personality to determine which one best fits your personality and interests.

An Overview

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The ancient art of the Phoenix depicts a winged bird with a long beak and claws on its feet, representing the rise and repetition of life. In ancient Greek symbolism, the Phoenix is linked to the sun as a symbol of rejuvenation. According to the myth, the Phoenix was once a bird of the Sun who was suddenly reborn when it was burned to death. In traditional Greek symbolism, the Phoenix is often symbolized by an eagle with its wings spread out to symbolize flight.

Another common symbolism of the Phoenix is in the form of the mythical creature, the dragon. The Phoenix also is associated with the dragonfly. The Phoenix is a mythical creature that was created by the Greeks. The Phoenix in Greek mythology always represents change, renewal and life; therefore it is a symbol of hope and inspiration. Phoenix tattoos also have ancient origins in the culture of the Chinese.


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In ancient Greek mythology, there is a story about the creation of the Phoenix. When the nymph, a daughter of the god of wine and honey was unable to marry her true love, she went to the god of wine and honey and bettered him, hoping to win his affections. Her request was granted but the nymph was not allowed to fertilize the grapefruit tree because she was immobile. This caused the tree to wither and die. When the legend says that the Phoenix came from the ashes of the tree, some Christians relate this to the Christian concept of heaven and hell, where souls find themselves after death. Many of these tattoos bear a close resemblance to the Egyptian Phoenix, which is believed to be a symbol of resurrection and divine life.


A popular belief in Egypt is that the Phoenix was immortal and that they could fly a thousand years in the air and then return to earth to fly back into the land of their origin. They are believed to be extremely old and powerful and come from the land of the dead. They are also said to be able to fly for a period of 1000 years. During this time they are known for gathering people who seek their wisdom. One such person was the Egyptian god of magic, Osiris. The Egyptian Phoenix was given magical powers and he gave the Phoenix a feather to place on his chest.

Some of these beliefs about the rebirth of Phoenix tattoos are directly linked to Christianity. The Christian idea is that our bodies are not renewed like the bird is. We must spend 1000 years on earth before we can be renewed and take another flight to heaven. There is also a mythological connection to the Red Cross and the Phoenix.

In the Chinese mythological story, the story says that a Phoenix flew above the heads of the gods and told them there would be a terrible war between the gods of water and the gods of fire. The god of water fled and the Chinese immediately took to the symbol of fire as their symbol. A Phoenix tattoo design is very symbolic of rebirth and becoming more powerful than you ever thought possible. In the Chinese belief it was the Phoenix that destroyed the dragon, who was ruling over China at the time. This destroys the illusion of your being a mortal and makes you an immortal.


The rising of phoenixes reminds us of life and its beauty. The rising of baby phoenixes reminds us of love and how the phases of life are so beautiful. The Phoenix tattoo is a reminder of your past and the symbol helps you with the future. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and your journey through life and you can use it to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

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