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Samuel F. O’Reilly designed the first electric tattoo machine in New York City and patented it on 8 December 1891. (US Patent 464, 801). It was adapted from the rotating stencil pen of Thomas Edison in 1876 (US Patent 180,857). Electrical tattoos are usually represented as “coil machines” or “EM machines” in popular media. Coils employ electromagnetic spindles to move up and down an armature bar. 

The armature bar is linked to a needle bar fitted with a close group of tiny needles. The needle bar compresses the little arrows into tight groups that push the ink into the skin in turn. Although the tattoo machine had progressed dramatically since its inception a century ago, one type remains the standard of all tattoo artists in this profession. The Liner And Tattoo Machine Gun is a beautiful instrument for artists of all levels who can demonstrate their craft professionally.

Consider some of these advantages when choosing the rotary tattoo kits over the coil if you choose one over the other. While every tattooing machine is meant to deposit black or white tattoo ink under the surface of your skin, the choice of rotary type over a coil has many advantages. 

For one thing, the rotary tattoo machine is fitted with the tattoo needle bar on the top of a cylindrical motor spinning in the clockwise direction that makes it possible for the needle to travel back and forth in a more linear form. This helps you enter the hands into the skin or tattoo quickly and withdraw them more effortlessly. It is less uncomfortable for the consumer by moving the needles in a continual flowing movement.


·         Commodity Quality Certification – ce

·         Gun Type – Electric

·         Model Number – 1100635-7

·         Brand Name – YILONG

·         Condition – New

·         Material – Steel

·         Type – Shader&Liner

·         Weight – 240g

·         Coils – 10 wrap

·         Working Voltage – 4-7V

·         Place of Origin – Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

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·         Rotating tattoo machines are quieter on the market than any other tattoo machine.

·         These machines cause a small amount, if any, of damage to the skin.

·         The central maintenance of the rotary tattoo machine is minimal.

·         The rotary machine is straightforward to operate irrespective of your degree of ability as a tattoo artist.

·         Consistently and quickly moving the needle is great for color and filling work.

·         Rotating tattoo kits will provide better results with smaller needle groupings.


• This machine is tough to handle.

 • A full stroke needle is necessary to complete the motion.

•Unlike a coiling machine, it can’t be tuned by ear.

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There will be no “correct” answer at the end of the day. Therefore we encourage you to try your machines and see what works for you as an artist. There is nothing wrong with using all types of equipment or choosing one that works for you for different reasons. We propose that you keep your mind open and never think.Such machines are one of the quietest in the business and supply a milder product than bobbin tattoos.

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