Forms of Art and their Details

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The present article is an attempt to put together the various forms of art and their details. The point has been discussed at great length about the definition of art, but today I think we should leave it aside and look what are the different forms which are taken into consideration as art. Artwork takes many shapes like paintings (watercolour or oil), architecture (classical or contemporary), craftwork (porcelain, terra cotta, metal works etc.) dance, music, drama, literature (poetry or prose), sculpture etc. There are still many other forms like religious art related to religion like paintings depicting religious stories or temples having inscriptions of poems/literature. With this brief account now let us try to know more about the details of certain forms which get included in artworks.


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Painting includes all types of color applied on paper, board or other flat surfaces with help of brush, roller, chisel etc. A line can also be drawn with a pencil to give an outline before applying colours. If the paint is mixed up with some material that has adhesive quality then drawing or writing can also be done on walls, wood boards etc . Thus we see that paintings include drawings and writings too along with colors applied through brushes. These days digital techniques are also used for making paintings like any photograph is made into a painting by changing its colors gradually over it . It gives good results sometimes but still original traditional methods are better than these computerized ones. The water color paintings are also included in this form.


Dance is a rhythmic movement of body parts, specially feet and hands. The movements made with arms make it a martial art or karate where as remaining parts like legs, neck etc., make it a normal dance . There are many traditional dances , which have been evolved from different places. Bharatnatyam is one such example . It originated in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu by Bharatha muni who wrote Natya Shastra (a treatise on dance ). In initial days men used to perform this but now women also do it very well though there are some changes introduced here and there. Nowadays even western ballet is considered as an important part of dancing.


Sculpture is an activity where you make a figure (of man, animal, bird or anything) through carving stone, wood , metal etc. It’s one of the oldest forms of art and we can find it even in prehistoric age . There are 2 types of sculptures-1. free standing and 2. bas-relief which means that first one have different shapes whereas second are carved on stones so as to give relief effect. Normally these days statues are made which are placed on roads side or garden for aesthetic appeal . The statues of great men & women are kept in museums etc.


Music is one form of performing art where sounds are produced by stringed instruments like guitar , violin, sitar etc. It can also be played by blowing instruments like flute , trumpet , saxophone etc. The notes are made by fingers over the strings or holes of these instruments. Guitar is very popular in younger people along with drums . These days brass and other electronic musical instruments are used too . Music not only relaxes our mind but also effective in treating some psychological problems.


Drama is a form of performing art where there is a dialogue between actors and actresses against a story which they present on stage before audience. Normally they use scripts written earlier for this purpose so that most of the words remain same from beginning to end . This makes it easy to follow & understand easily especially if they play for more than 1 hour time limit. In the initial days actors used to play only in dramas but now they also appear in dances or other forms. Plays have been written from time immemorial and even today people follow the same concept. One such example is of Shakespeare who wrote number of plays like Raghuvansham, Midsummer Night’s dream etc.

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