Finger Tattoos For Women - 7 Cool And Minimalist Trendy Ideas -

Finger Tattoos For Women – 7 Cool And Minimalist Trendy Ideas

finger tattoos for women

Do you always wanted to get a tattoo but are not sure where to get it done? Your finger is the best place on your body. Cute simple finger tattoos for women are in style. There are ample means and simple tattoo ideas for small space areas like a finger.

But be careful as it is going to hurt you more because fingers have more nerves and less fat than other body areas. So, if you are ready for the pain, then try our amazing finger tattoo ideas for women.

Ladies! Try These 7 Beautiful Tattoo Ideas On Your Finger

A person holding a tattoo


Though a simple red color line on your finger seems boring, adding a simple knot can do wonders. Try it on your middle finger with a temporary pen if you want to know whether it looks good or not.

Simple Three Dots

A close up of a tattoo

Three dots aligned in a line on the middle finger or little finger is the minimalist of all finger tattoos for women. But let me tell you it looks beautiful.

Write A Name

Either an initial or full name on the sides of your finger is one of the best designs. It is trendy and looks stylish. The best part is you can even hide the name of your love because the inner area of the finger is not commonly visible.

Zodiac Symbol

There is a zodiac sign assigned to each one of us, and they can be great tattoo designs. You can either go for a full detailed symbol, but a simple outline is good for fingers.


If you like none of the finger tattoos for women, simply go for a black or red heart inside or outside the finger. The inner area of your finger is the best part because it gives an intimate feel. So make it special for the only one who is allowed to touch your hands.


The good thing about finger tattoos is that you don’t have to think of an out-of-the-box design. Any design inspired by the nature of your likings can be a good one. This butterfly design is everyone’s favorite, and once you get it done on your finger, you will know why.


If you love rings but can’t wear them all the time, go for a ring tattoo. You can try variations in this simple design by adding alphabets of your name in the ring shape or your date of birth. You can make it more personalized by designing a secret code of your own.

Leaf Tattoo

Since spring is here, go for a leaf tattoo to immerse into the atmosphere, add details or just draw the outlines. Add flowers or make a short twig with flowers and leaves.

Last Words

These were the trendy finger tattoos for women. If you are not sure which one will look best on your skin, make a temporary design using a temporary marker. Get it done permanently from the tattoo artists. And if you need more complex designs, ask your tattoo artists. They know it better.

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