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Everything You Need To Know About Mystical Women Moon Tattoos

Women's Moon Tattoos

Women’s moon tattoos have always been appealing and cute ideas to get inked because of the profound meaning associated with the moon. Moon is an emblem of feminine power, creativity, transition, and growth. Moon is more than just our satellite, and its charm depends upon its phases. Crescent shape is a portrayal of Queen of Heaven. Some women are attracted to women’s moon tattoos and moon, focusing on blurred boundaries and the moon’s supernatural aspect. Moon is also a representation of spiritual power, and the various phases of the moon may represent the various phases in your life.

Historical Importance Women Moon Tattoos

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Throughout history, the sky, stars, sun, and moon never failed to amaze humanity. The moon, which illuminates the nights, has been adopted as sacred in many ancient cultures, religions, and mythology; it is often seen that the names of months and days have a use in the ancient epics concerning the phase of moon and day.

Women mainly find women’s moon tattoos attractive because the moon is often associated with women, and in many mythologies and cultures, there are moon goddesses. As the sun represents power, it is a symbol of a man. Therefore, women’s moon tattoos are more prevalent among women, and sun tattoos are more popular among men. Sun and Moon tattoos together mean perfect and complementary balance like a yin yang.

Symbolism And Women Moon Tattoos

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The symbolism behind a woman’s moon tattoo is vast and depends on the moon’s kind and particular phase. Renewal, rebirth, feminine mystery, fertility, development, mischief, cyclic temperament, and rarity are popular and usual meanings of women’s moon tattoos. However, if you decide to have a moon tattoo, you can determine the most appropriate meaning or combination of meaning for yourself. For example, you can use a crescent moon tattoo to symbolize a new beginning or a full moon tattoo to symbolize completion.

Ideas For Women Moon Tattoos

Crescent Moon

Crescent moon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among women moon tattoos. These have different meanings for various people. The popular meaning is the expulsion of negative energy from your body and the growth of creativity and spirituality.

Half Moon Tattoo

Most of the women’s moon tattoos you will see are half-moon tattoos; nobody likes getting full moon tattoos because they look weird, and because the beauty of the moon lies in the crescent shape only. Here are some unique half-moon tattoo designs.

Blue Moon Tattoos

These tattoos are inspired by the saying ‘Once in a blue moon,’ which means you wish to depict something that will occur very rarely. So if you want to depict something special, you can get this woman’s moon tattoo.

Moon Phases Tattoo

It is associated with the fertility of women. In this woman’s moon tattoos, the different phases can represent various aspects and perspectives on life. The moon phases are a popular image to get inked because they symbolize growth and link to birth, death, and reincarnation. This woman’s moon tattoo will inspire individuals who ponder their mortality or the cyclical nature of time.


There are many designs of women’s moon tattoos to choose from, which you can tailor-make to suit your fashion and mindset. These tattoos do not just have a deep meaning related to life, death, and time but also, you will find it makes for some seriously cool body art.

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