Dirty Tattoos For Women: Are Tattoos Important To Men?

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Have you ever wondered why the majority of tattoo parlors out there seem to have only a few tattoos on their walls? Those who work in these establishments are either struggling to find customers or they are afraid to let us girls in. You see, women are more discerning when it comes to getting dirty tattoos, more so than men.

This is why most of the girls who come in and get the “dirty tattoos” are the ones who put on the charm and the air to try and attract male customers. But they couldn’t because there’s a reason behind this – not all men are interested in tattoos. This has been an established fact among tattoo artists and patrons alike.

Well, it’s not as if tattoos were created for this purpose. Tattoos were created for a purpose which was to identify someone with his tribe. Mark the territory to symbolize a particular theme, or sometimes even to announce. Tattoos were used as a way to keep a history within a tribe that would still be there after time.

Dirty Tattoos Are The Hottest Trends Today

Dirty Tattoos For Women: Are Tattoos Important To Men?
Dirty Tattoos For Women: Are Tattoos Important To Men?

Nowadays, tattoos have evolved to another level and have been transformed into a media pop culture because of movies, TV shows, and even the Internet. Nowadays, people can get tattoos even without even having to join the army or go on missions.

But like in any other society where people can mix and mingle with different species, humans have their own unique preferences. Some men are so fascinated by tattoos that they want to get one just because they think it will bring them more luck in their life.

These kinds of tattoos are called “dirty tattoos.” They are the type of tattoos that are usually hidden because they are messy and ugly looking. Tattoos like these are not so much for self-expression but more for keeping a history or a group identity.

A tattoo is not something that is very important to men, so why should women get tattoos for men?

Why Should Women Get Dirty Tattoos For Men?

Dirty Tattoos For Women: Are Tattoos Important To Men?
Dirty Tattoos For Women: Are Tattoos Important To Men?

Even though most women are very conservative when it comes to tattoos, it is not necessary for women to get tattoos for men. This is because of tattoo designs like tribal tattoos. Various other ethnic designs are popular among women, which will keep them in style.

Though tattoo designs may seem to be more popular among men. It is also a fact that there are many women who have tattoos of fish, flowers, dragons. Moreover other sea animals on their arms and legs. Though this is not a popular tattoo design among men. Women can find a lot of great designs in magazines or from other sources online.

But if you’re not sure about what kind of tattoo design to get. Don’t get the designs that you think would bring you more luck.


Once you have decided that you want to get a tattoo design. The next thing to do is to prepare yourself for the tattoo.

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