Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today

Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today

A tattoo is a form of art on the body. It is an art that involves various inks and dyes and it can be temporary or permanent. Moreover, getting tattoos has become a common practice these days. Additionally, there are several kinds of tattoo art available these days.

Traditional Tattoos

This design is also known as the old school design. Further, it is famous for its bold lines, bright colors, roses, anchors, etc.

Realistic Tattoos

Now, this design had recently become popular in the 20th century. Though this design was a part of fine arts for a long time. Nowadays, this one is in trend. Further, under this art, you can get any description of nature on your body. Moreover, you can even get portraits of your loved ones. It is only because of this form of art that such portraits seem real on your body.

Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today
Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today

Watercolor Tattoo

This particular art is in the limelight these days. Moreover, an exciting part of this art is no requirement of using machines. These involve brushes and paint. Also, the artists make all types of eye-catching and deceiving tattoos by this method.

Tribal Tattoo

These designs are the oldest in the world. However, because of their unique designs, they are known as tribal. Further, they are always black and involve different patterns.

New School Tattoo

Though this style is no longer new to the world, yet it is popular because of the colorful, wacky, and cartoonish designs. Although the design was famous for only a short period, still it was the talk of the town.

Neo Traditional Tattoo

Now, it is an evolution of the traditional style tattoo. It features the main activities of a conventional symbol like precise linework and incredibly glowing colors.

Also, the significant difference between traditional and neo-traditional tattoos is that neo-traditional symbols have a wide range of colors and a broader range of motifs.

Japanese Tatto

The traditional Japanese tattoo originated in the 16th century. Also, they were popular among the merchant class. Moreover, the common elements of these artists were dragons, Kirins, and phoenixes. Further, these tattoos reveal the rich past of Japan.

Blackwork Tattoo Style

It is the broadest term in the tattoo industry. It consists of all the tattoos, made with purely black ink. One can see all types of tattoos under this category from ancient to modern styles. Moreover, under this category, several experiments are done.

Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today
Different Kinds Of Tattoo Art Available Today

Illustrative Tattoo Style

This type of tattooing is illustrative because it has so many designs and techniques. Further, they involve engraving even beautiful line calligraphy. Artists who work on this style have a vibe and technique of their own.

Chicano Tattoo

This type of art has so much culture that influences other styles, too. People prefer mostly black and grey colors in this type of tattooing, and this genre is enthralling. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article.

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