Criminal Flash Tattoos Idea Designs

criminal flash tattoos idea designs

Tattoos have been a trend for a long time among people. There are many different types of tattoos available to choose from, some of these small while others are larger. In this article, we will discuss this inking trend more.

What is meant by Flash Tattoos?

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The design of tattoos which are drawn on paper to flash it on the walls so that the customers can have a look at them is known as flash tattoos.

This gives an idea of the design of the tattoo to a person so that they know what they are going to get inked on themselves.

Criminal Tattoos

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There is a range of tattoos in which some are sorted into some particular types and categories. The same is true for criminal tattoos. Certain tattoos are considered more dangerous and are often related to criminals. They are often related to gang memberships too, which means that the members of a certain gang will have the same, or similar type of tattoo. Let’s have a look at some of these tattoo designs with their meaning.

  • Cobwebs

A tattoo of cobwebs on the elbow of a person indicates that they had or are serving a long term in prison.

  • Teardrops

These tattoos have different meanings in different places, but it is one of the easiest prison tattoos of all time.

  • Three dots

These three dots again have a couple of meanings, while one meaning is related to a Mexican gang, one is related to religious faith.

  • Barbed Wire

Though it is a very common tattoo among youngsters, the placement of the tattoos changes the meaning of it. The tattoo when marked on the forehead indicates that the person is under a life sentence.

More on Tattoos

Though tattoos are now a very common thing, still some people have a question regarding their safety while getting a tattoo. If you are getting yourself tattooed at a well-known place there are few chances of any sort of infection. But the pain tolerance is different for different people thus there can be a different experience.

Similarly, every skin type is different. Some skin types are more sensitive than others, thus many people bleed while getting a tattoo, while many don’t.


Tattoos are getting a new sort of hype by the youngsters these days. Many people are looking up this art as a hobby or getting themselves inked by it. Though different people have different preferences of the designs and the places where they get tattooed still some places are very common like the wrist, forearm, different parts of the neck, and so on.

Thus we can conclude that while there are many designs some designs have specific meaning throughout the world, while some are region-specific. Some designs inked on a particular part of the body change the complete meaning. So if you are going to get inked, make sure you know the meaning of the tattoo you are getting.

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