Cool and Tattoo Designs For Small Wrist Tattoos for Women -

Cool and Tattoo Designs For Small Wrist Tattoos for Women

wrist tattoos for women

Wrist tattoos for women are among the most in demand designs today. In fact, many people have them and they’re constantly searching for unique and original designs online. They want to be original and different from everybody else.

Cute and cuddly wrist tattoos for women definitely appeal to all kinds of girls. From school-going young ladies to working professionals, these tattoos have been a favorite of many. At first, you may think it is so easy, but it actually means a whole lot to the wearer. Unique tattoo designs for the wrist range from simple butterfly and flower patterns to complex and hard-to-pronounce names of loved ones.

100 Unique Tattoo Design Ideas

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Here, you’ll receive 100 unique tattoo design ideas that will make you stand out when you choose to have your wrist tattoos done. The designs come in various categories and styles. There are floral, character, angelic, tribal, Koi, fairy, sports, pirate, fantasy, zodiac, spider, heart, sun, star and butterfly designs to name a few. Some are so cute that the girls even have their photos placed on them! Others still are simply amazing. These tattoos, whether they are simple butterfly designs or the complex and difficult star designs, are very popular among girls.

If you’re into fairies, then you’ve probably heard of the Little Tikes’ Fairy Wishes tattoo design. This is a cuddly, dewy design that covers a whole lot of area on a small wrist. For those who love flowers, there’s the Hawaiian Luau Tattoo design which features flowers that signify the sun, sand and surf. A lotus blossom represents peace and good luck. For a girl’s first tattoo, this might be a little too feminine. However, if she grows up to love and appreciate it, then the wrist tattoo will prove to be a very wise choice!

Popular Crescent Moon Wrist Tattoos

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One of the most popular crescent moon wrist tattoos for women is the Lotus Flower. It’s a very simple tattoo design but the delicate flowers are enough to create a stunning effect. The flowers consist of two petals which form a triangle and the middle of which contains a yellow lotus. Lotus tattoos can range from being quite simple to extremely ornate depending upon how much detail is included.

If you’re into the more sexy side of tattoos, then there are some real gems for your wrist tattoos for women. If you’re into the Japanese style tattoos, then there’s the Koi Fish. Koi fish are part of the Seta family of aquatic lizards. These tattoos are usually drawn in the form of flowers, since they represent the female partner in a relationship.

Butterfly Designs

A good example of these designs would be the Butterfly. Butterflies are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. They are small butterfly shapes that have been artistically drawn to look like large butterfly wings. These small wrist tattoos for women are often seen on women who are proud of their body built and want others to notice it.

Another awesome option for small wrist tattoos for women are the Kanji characters. Kanji are Chinese alphabets that are used to write some of the most famous characters in the language. The character itself looks like a flower with flowing tentacles.

Final Verdict

A tattoo of a Kanji character can be very intricate and there’s even a possibility that some tattoo artists can add actual Japanese writing to the Kanji characters so that it becomes an authentic Japanese tattoo design. These types of tattoo designs can include the name of the person or the phrase that is written out in Japanese.

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