Chest Tattoos For Girls – 7 Exclusive Ideas

Things To Consider When Looking For Chest Tattoos For Women

Have you checked out the latest chest tattoos for girls? If you want to flaunt your tattoo, get it inked on your chest. When we hear about the chest tattoo, we think about the entire chest covered with a large tattoo, but the design can be the way you want. Sternum and chest tattoos have recently gained massive popularity among women. So, if you want to accentuate the cleavage or want a small tattoo with stunning design, let’s explore the ideas for chest tattoo for girls.

Chest Tattoos For Girls - 7 Exclusive Ideas
Chest Tattoos For Girls – 7 Exclusive Ideas

Chest Tattoos For Girls – Flower chest tattoo

Flower tattoo is an undeniably elegant design. However, it can be inked in numerous stunning ideas. You can either keep it as a sweet and straightforward design or go for the wild badass look. It’s entirely up to your preference.

Small Chest Tattoo

There is no hard and fast rule that chest tattoos need to be huge. You can choose the small and straightforward tattoo to go with, especially preferred by women who don’t like too much inking. Well, it’s the size of a small tent cent coin. If you want, keep it a little bit large, like the size of your palm.

Under Chest Tattoo

The under chest tattoo is undoubtedly a great alternative to chest tattoos. If you don’t want to flaunt your tattoo all the time, this is a great choice. If the design follows your body curves and has a focal point right at the center position, it will look awesome.

Rose Chest Tattoo

Rose tattoo on the chest is quite common among girls. You can either prefer to have the outline of a rose inked in black color or detailed it with multiple colors to make it appear like an actual rose. However, you can also color in black ink to make it look like an outline with shadow.

Chest Quote Tattoo

If you like quotes, engrave that in the form of a tattoo on your chest. If you select the right positioning, undeniably, it will look cute and fantastic. You can choose to tattoo across the collarbone, having the direction towards the shoulder. For enlarged lettering, the center portion will look the best because it will cover the major part of the region.

Cute Chest Tattoo

If you have a girly mindset and want to engrave a cute tattoo, then select from anything ranging from a delicate flower to a small heart.

Chest Tattoos For Girls -Full Chest Tattoo

Full chest tattoo is no longer limited to men. You can have a vast collage of flowers or beautiful body art that will add to your personality. Women are now breaking boundaries. Women’s full chest tattoos look impeccably beautiful.

Chest Tattoos For Girls - 7 Exclusive Ideas
Chest Tattoos For Girls – 7 Exclusive Ideas

Tribal Chest Tattoo

If you love tribal chest tattoo and planning to get one, prefer to cover up the entire chest area. It will undeniably look great. Tribal prints are generally larger and should always maintain originality. Before the tattooing, it’s best to discuss with your tattooist to find out how it will fit best.

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