Body paints 10 the perfect way to get creative this Valentines Day

body paints

Bodypaint is body art. It’s a way to express yourself and your creativity, whether it be for the sake of creating something or adding some flair to an outfit. You can think outside the box with body paints! Here are ten ways you could use body paint this Valentine’s Day:

1. Facepaint

A person wearing a dress

Plain body paints won’t do the trick for this one. You’ll need to get some face-painting kits, which you can find at any Halloween or party shop around Valentine’s Day. Use them all over your body; then add in some glitter and rhinestones (if you want) before heading out on a romantic dinner date with bae!

2. Dressed up

A woman wearing a hat

Find yourself a body paint that has the color of your skin tone or go for white to use as an outline. You can either draw on hearts, cupid’s bow lips, bows, or other romantic symbols before dressing in whatever outfit you want!

3. As body art

This is the classic way to use body paint. Find an image or pattern that you like and use it as inspiration for your body art masterpiece! Be sure to take pictures of it and post them on social media so everyone can see it.

4. Temporary tattoos

Body paints aren’t all body art. You can use them for temporary tattoos, too! Just trace the design you want to wear on your body with body paint and peel it off when done.

5. Nude body paint

If you’re feeling daring, go nude with your body paint! It’ll definitely turn some heads and get people talking. Just be sure that the body paint you choose is waterproof so it doesn’t come off when you get wet.

6. Water body paint

Use body paint as a way to accent your water-themed outfit. You can either go for body art or temporary tattoos, depending on how much you want people to stare at you!

7. In an outfit

Of course, body paint isn’t just for your body! You can wear body paints as a way to decorate clothes. Just be sure the body paint is non-toxic so you won’t have any issues with allergies or skin irritations.

8. Naughty body paint

If you’re feeling naughty, go for body paints that are a little bit more risqué. There is plenty of body paints out there with suggestive designs and images. Just be sure not to wear them to work or any other formal event!

9. Liquid body paint

Liquid body paints are different than regular body paints. They’re not as thick and go on lighter, making them perfect for light body art or temporary tattoos that won’t weigh you down too much if it gets hot out!

10. Festival body paint

Festivals are the perfect place to go all out with your body paint. You can go crazy with colors and designs and no one will bat an eyelash. Just be sure to have a shower before you head home so you don’t get anybody to paint on your clothes!

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