Body Art Signifies Sacrifice But At The Cost Of Pain


Body art is an artistic manifestation used by humans since ancient times. The body is support for expression in different civilizations, from various places on the planet and at different times. Body art, as everyone already knows, is the result of a deposit of insoluble (or not) colored pigments on the skin. These pigments form design and remain permanently in the subcutaneous layer.

Body Art Signifies Sacrifice But At The Cost Of Pain
Body Art Signifies Sacrifice But At The Cost Of Pain

History Of Body Art

Native people and tribes, such as Aboriginal, African, and Indian tribes, have traditionally adopted body painting or even more methods. There are many indigenous people and various ways to adorn the body with paints. These pigments are extraction of natural elements. The red color comprises of color from Anoto seed. The black contains color from macerating the pulp of the green genipap. There are still some people who use limestone to produce the white color.

Significance Of Body Art

For many years, body art was seen as a symbol of marginality, and only 20 years ago when it became accessible and relevant in contemporary society. Now, people consider body art as a form of individual expression of art and aesthetics with the body as support.

Body Art Signifies Sacrifice But At The Cost Of Pain
Body Art Signifies Sacrifice But At The Cost Of Pain

The Struggle Of The Tattoo Artist

As many people know, body art is not easy. In the past, a tattoo artist had to spend his entire life learning the process of drawing on human skin in a vibrant and detailed way – that is, it was a profession of sacrifice. Nowadays, anyone who wants to become a tattoo artist must enroll in courses for this purpose and then become apprentices of an experienced person. Moreover, an artist needs to learn how to clean the workplace and take care of hygiene.

Women Tattoos

It is usual for women to get colorful body art because they like colors, and they are beautiful. However, women need to be very choosy about the color choices because some colors create allergies, such as red pigment. With the advancement of technology, the arts have gained some more functions besides decorating one’s body more straightforwardly. You can now also use dark-glowing inks that respond to dark light or even have a vibrating body. Some women want to have art, but they believe that they will not endure the pain of continuous needles, and because of that, they choose to resort to alcohol. Although it seems like it is the right solution, this initiative does not have a recommendation. The reason is quite simple; alcohol ends up thinning your blood.

Nowadays, women do arts anywhere on the body. Moreover, they adopt the painting on their eyes, eyelids, and other more sensitive places like genitals. These vulnerable places might lead to an excruciating tattoo process. Many times, a painful tattoo result may be worse than it would be. Sometimes, it also makes you bleed more, making your skin’s healing process more difficult and painful. So, if you need help with not feeling so much pain, see a doctor if you can use any medicine.

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