Best Neck Tattoos Tips You Will Read This Year -

Best Neck Tattoos Tips You Will Read This Year

neck tattoos for women

As a matter of fact, it can be one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. It definitely symbolizes an individual’s femininity and youthfulness and the fact that it is located on the neck gives more sexual appeal to it. So here are some stunning ideas on how to design the perfect tattoo on your neck.

Most Beautiful Ideas on Neck Tattoos For Women: Flower Tattoo Designs, Flower tattoos are some of the oldest and most preferred tattoo designs for women. It represents femininity and youthfulness in many cultures across the world. In fact, it can be safely and readily made visible if you do not want anybody to see it at all. The flowers like lilies, cherry blossom, lotus, and roses have always been favorite tattoos of girls everywhere.

Angel And Butterfly Tattoos

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Angel and Butterfly Tattoos Another popular choice of tattoos for women is the angel and butterfly tattoos. These angel tattoos can also be a great combination as they symbolize different aspects of a person’s life. You can have a single angel tattoo or a combination of angel and butterfly tattoos.

To make it more appealing, you can add some designs like a cross or some flower or birds. The good thing about having an angel tattoo cover up is that it usually looks very good on its own especially when the angel tattoo is big and is right on the neck.

Lotus and Flower Tattoos

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Lotus tattoos are also one of the best options for flower tattoos for women. Aside from its attractive flowers like flowers, the hibiscus is also a good option.

Both these flowers can symbolize femininity, spirituality, and happiness. To make it more appealing, you can combine these tattoos with mandala or butterfly.

Star Tattoos For Women

Even though the star tattoo has been around for ages, it still remains one of the best neck tattoos for women nowadays. This tattoo is often worn by those who are going through a hard time in their personal lives. It represents a person’s aspiration to achieve something that is impossible to reach.

If you want to add more meaning to this star tattoo, you can add more details like the moon, stars, a plane or even a tribal design. If you are going to choose a star design for your neck tattoos, make sure that you choose one that fits your personality best.

Music Note Tattoos

Music notes also became popular after its first appearance in the year 1940. This is actually its original meaning. It means a musical note and it represents all types of love. Since the music note became more popular, it was then made into a tattoo meaning a musical note or beat.

Angel Wings Tattoos

Angel wings tattoos are also great choices if you want to add more spirituality and spiritual tattoo meaning to your body art. These angel wings tattoos can usually be seen on the back or arms. They represent an endless spiritual growth.

To look for more angel wings tattoo designs, you can always check out the internet for more designs. You can also visit the websites that specialize in tattoo related items. There are a lot of tattoo galleries online where you can check out all sorts of tattoo styles and designs.


Neck tattoos for women are usually done using the lower back or sometimes at the navel area. The tattoo may be done using bold designs or simple patterns. You can place the tattoo anywhere on your body but you need to make sure that it will be in the right position since most tattoo placement decisions are made according to the tattoo artist’s expertise on that particular location. Make sure also that the tattoo artist is comfortable with the exact location of where you plan to put your tattoo since there may be complications later on.

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