Best Modern Art Painting Designs Ideas

modern art painting designs

Modern art expresses the styles and philosophies of the artwork produced during the period roughly from 1860 to the 1970s. Modern art painting designs are the freshest and trending natural ideas to decorate your home.

Most people think that modern art is random and easy to make. In contrast, the most inspiring modern art features textures and designs that are drawn with creativity. Suppose you are looking for inspiration to begin painting, then in this article. 

In that case, you get the best modern art painting ideas using different mediums and techniques that both beginners and advanced painters can follow.

1.   Acrylic Modern Art

A hand holding a cellphone

Materials required:

●  Stretched canvas: Large size 90cm × 90cm ( 36″ × 36″ ) or small size 60cm × 60cm ( 23″ × 23″ )

●  Acrylic paint: Try a combination of different craft paints, including blue, green, white, black, and brown color.

●  Edicol dye: This is a regular food coloring dye. It gives a more prominent tonal variation.

Process of painting:

You need to make a combination of white acrylic paint, dye, and water and coat the canvas with a broad brush. Again with a thicker mixture, pour a little into the canvas and spread it. Make daubs with additional acrylic colors as desired. 

The daub application requires more consideration and restraint. Try bringing some extra contrast to the daubs by dropping thick dollops of undiluted white paint among them.

Lay down a small portion of diluted dye solution while the underlying layer is still a little wet. Your focus area needs to pick up some of the enclosing and underlying colors. If you find it becomes overly muddied, try applying extra thicker areas of paint.

2.  Watercolor Flower Modern Art

Graffiti on a wall

Materials required:

●  Paper: Strathmore and Canson Watercolor paper

●  Brushes: Set of watercolor brushes with a soft and nice pointed tip for fine details.

●  Watercolors paint: Try a basic set and artist-grade set along with a palette to mix the colors.

●  Jar for wetting and rinsing brushes.

Process of painting:

For Modern art, painting designs of flowers begin with the flowers and paint the leaves later. Go for deep colors and start with light colors. 

Then add the center of the flower by moistening the paper with water and brush and then add color. To create contrast, keep adding more watercolor flowers with different shapes.

3.  Spray Paint Modern Prt

Materials Required:

●  Baltic birch plywood: ¾ inch

●  Download the pattern

●  Clear frisket film

●  Straightedge

●  Crafts knife

●  Various color spray paint

●  Clear spray varnish

●  Pine boards: ⅓ inch

●  Table saw

●  Screws

●  Screwdriver

●  L brackets

Process of painting:

Prepare all the necessary materials. Take the desired pattern to the copy shop and enlarge it. Cut the pattern into small pieces and tape it to plywood. With self-adhering frisket film, cover the transferred design. 

Using the desired color, spray the exposed region. Design the covered area until the art is complete. On the back of the plywood, build a frame and secure it with screw and L brackets.


With the exclusive and attractive modern art painting designs, you can change the outlook of your new as well as your old room. If you follow art tutorials, you can mostly guess the work and get lost in the process and composition.

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