Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You

Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You

Have you seen badass women tattoos ideas? If you are not looking for pretty and cute woman tattoos ideas, then this blog is for you. In this post, we have comprised of 8 best women tattoos ideas. We have something for everyone – from skulls to fierce tigers to ink to unique head tattoos. If you love an edgy, bold look, you will love these tattoo ideas.

Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You
Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You

Rose Rib Tattoo

Flowers need not be always feminine and pretty. You can also have awesome badass flower tattoos that can cover the area of your ribs. However, if you are planning for a beach vacation, get an awesome rose rib tattoo that will look amazing.

Rose Hand Tattoo

Rose tattoos are feminine and pretty. You can add a badass look with some additional unique design. It’s a perfect choice for rock chicks. Hand tattoos are pretty amazing, but they certainly cannot cover the entire hand. Hence, it can only cover the wrist and the back of your palm.

Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You
Badass Women Tattoos Ideas Just For You

Dragon Arm Tattoo

Want a badass tattoo that will catch the attention? Want a huge tattoo to cover the arm? Well, a dragon tattoo is the best with the black outline of a fierce dragon. Moreover, this attractive, bold and massive tattoo will cover half of the arm. You can even tattoo it on the rib or leg for a trendy style.

Lion Back Tattoo

This fierce lion tattoo will grab your attention at first glance. Moreover, the wow tattoo reflects inspiration. Furthermore, you can tattoo anywhere in your body in any design you prefer.

Palm Tattoo

If you want to have a unique design, consider a beautiful palm tattoo. This cool and quirky design will grab attention. Moreover, it’s a trendsetter with the location and pretty unique design. However, with endless design ideas of flowers and butterflies, you have plenty to explore.

Half Sleeves

Sleeves are fantastic badass tattoo ideas. They make edgy, bold, and style statements. Consider half sleeve because full sleeves may not be the right choice. Half sleeve tattoos can be covered up when you don’t want to expose it. The floral rose design is a popular choice when it comes to half sleeve tattoos. It’s extraordinarily beautiful!

Rockabilly Skull

If you are a vintage lover, show it in your tattoo as well. The incredible rockabilly skull gives a vintage vibe. Moreover, the badass vintage style consists of a bold, edgy skull with pretty flowers, adding a feminine look. You can recreate it in multiple ways to maintain uniqueness.

Unique Badass Tattoo

Unique badass tattoos are exclusive in their style. They come in unique, uncommon designs. Moreover, customized tattoos are great if you can afford the budget. Back tattoos can be splendid if you wear backless clothing. Furthermore, back tattoos that cover up the entire area look fantastic. It’s an excellent idea for this summer.

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