Are Finger Tattoos For Women Safe And Do They Stand Up To The Repeated Work

finger tattoos for women

Finger tattoos for women are a great way to get a tattoo but don’t want the design to be visible to everyone. The design is on your fingers and you should cover it up with a conservative piece of clothing or some other form of cover up. Having small tattoos can be embarrassing if you show them to everyone you meet.

Finger Tattoos Are Very Popular

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Tattoos that are located on your fingers are much more popular than tattoos that are placed anywhere else on your body. Many women get their first tattoo on their hands or ankles. That’s why they can be more difficult to hide than tattoos located elsewhere on the body. If you choose to get a tattoo on your wrist, for example, you can wear an ankle bracelet or similar item to conceal the tattoo. Some people cover their tattoos with jewelry so that others cannot see them.

Designs for tattoos on the wrist or ankles are normally smaller and more discreet. They are often floral designs like lucky numbers or tribal patterns. Women also choose smaller tattoos that do not stand out too much. Some women prefer tattoos that look like jewelry so they can easily wear it on the job and around the house.

Variety Of Options Are Available

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Women that choose designs for tattoos on their wrists and ankles have a variety of options. You can get the kind of tattoo that goes with just about any piece of clothing. The choice of color is also very exciting for women. Some of the best designs for tattoos for women are bold and feature several colors or patterns. Other designs are a bit more subdued and can even be combined with other pieces of clothing.

Women that choose to get finger tattoos – on their fingers or ankles – should make sure that they choose a design that they are going to love for many years. It is important that you get something that is unique to you and tells a story. If you are getting a tattoo to represent who you are, then make sure you get one that does that effectively.

Choose A Tattoo That Has A Special Meaning To You

The best thing to do when considering designs for your tattoo is to choose a tattoo that has a special meaning to you. Some of the designs can have deep personal meaning to you so make sure you choose one that means something to you. Take some time to think about what it is that will make you proud to have it. Choose a design that you love. After all, tattoos are just a permanent reminder of something that you really like.

When you get tattooed, it is best to think carefully about where on your body you want the tattoo. For example, tattoos on the foot, ankle, wrist, back of the neck, upper stomach and lower back are some of the places that women usually choose for their tattoos. It is a good idea to choose a design that is easy to hide if ever you decide to take it off. Designs that cover too much skin will make you look odd and less feminine.


Remember that finger tattoos for women to take some work and careful planning in order to be completed correctly. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to tattoo, you could always enlist the help of an artist to tattoo for you. The cost of having tattooed, especially a big tattoo can vary greatly depending on the quality of the artist and the location of where the tattoo is being put. If you do not have a lot of extra money to spend on tattooing then hiring an artist will give you a high quality tattoo and the results will be a lasting design.

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