7 Amazing women’s Unique tattoos – Explore The Best!

Women’s unique tattoos

Tattoos reveal the confidence and personality of women and they are so on-trend having deep and intimate meanings behind each tattoo. It’s going to be there for the rest of your life, so you have to be picky when choosing the design! Some women would love to ink butterflies or flowers while other women’s unique tattoos can be skull, dagger, or even a dragon tattoo, the list is endless. Here are some amazing options for unique tattoos worth trying by women: 

Letter P

This might sound strange but many women loving inking simple letter P on their bodies. It might be someone’s name or even someone important to them. For some it can mean the periodic symbol, phosphorus… you can think of anything you want! You can choose from a whole lot of fonts available and test them on the computer before putting it on.

Stylist women’s unique tattoos

Ghost symbol

Now, this is a tiny little minimalistic tattoo quite different from the traditional heavy ones! The point of inking this is that girls don’t just like “girly tattoos“, they love going over the board also. The cartoon ghost is real fun and cute looking spooky as well. Smaller tattoos are getting common among people at affordable rates.

Bow and Arrow

In women’s unique tattoos fall the bow and arrow that women love marking on the body. You can take the bow to have so many different meanings like the Cupid’s bow or even the shooting of stars. This tattoo Is a positive note that life goes on happily and you need to have the courage for striking what you love.  


Serendipity means good luck that you were not looking for and comes to life in the form of love that fulfills your life. The word Serendipity marked on the hands looks classy and it can be custom designed. Many tattoo artists design it in their special ways. You should see the design before saying a Yes to it.

Creative and best women’s unique tattoos

The = Symbol

Girls, you are equal to men and you should never forget it. One way of scripting it is by putting a tattoo of the symbol on your body. It has become one of the most popular symbols in recent years and is a big hit among the mathematicians. It means equality and everyone has right over equality.


Love trekking or even are you a mountain lover? Maybe you just went to the mountains recently and want a remembrance of the awesome trip. Getting mountains inked doesn’t only look flawless but is a bigger design where you can later add birds and clouds if you are willing to. 


The compass design is for those girls trying to give meaning to life and nowadays, this tattoo is really beautiful and girls who do bag packing or have a fetish for traveling love it. Some even put a compass to find their direction home and is a reminder where they came from.


These are some women’s unique tattoos which they would love to get inked on their body. Which one are you willing to try?

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