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5 Buddhist Tattoo Design And Their Meaning

buddhist tattoo design

Among the other spiritual tattoos, Buddhist tattoo designs are quite popular not only among the followers of Buddha but others as well. As we all know, apart from looking great, tattoos are a great way to express yourself, your values, virtues, religious and spiritual beliefs. 

Gautam Buddha was a monk, philosopher, teacher, and it was him and his teachings that Buddhism was founded. Before acquiring or getting a Buddhist tattoo design on your body, it’s necessary to become familiar with the principles that Buddha taught. And, of course, meanings of the Buddhist tattoo design. 

Four Noble Truths Of Buddhism

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  • Dukha: It is to know that no matter what you do, you can never spend a life without suffering. There is always the existence of suffering in your life for a period. 
  • Trishna: All the suffering you will get will be because of some attachment or craving you had. 
  • Nirvana: Nothing is permanent in life more than suffering. There will be an end to suffering, which is known as Nirvana. 
  • The Eightfold Path: Suffering can only be lost by choosing to follow and stay on the right path, action, speech, livelihood, mindfulness, efforts, concentration, resolve. 

Different Buddhist Tattoo Design And Their Meaning

Buddha And Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower is a significant Buddhism symbol; it makes sense when two elements are combined for a cohesive and beautiful Buddhist tattoo design. Buddha mythology says that Buddha himself was born from a white lotus. So Buddhist tattoo design of Buddha and lotus is a symbol of good fortune and enlightenment. 

Sitting Buddha

Buddha in Buddhist tattoo design, art, and elsewhere is seen sitting cross-legged in a meditation position. A seated Buddha with their right hand raised symbolizes protection. The meditating Buddha with both hands on their lap, however, symbolizes serenity and calm. 

The Face Of The Buddha

The next Buddhist tattoo design idea is to get the face of Buddha with eyes closed or half-closed, symbolizing peaceful expression. You can also combine this Buddhist tattoo design with other elements like lotus or abstract floral patterns. 

Laughing Buddha

This Buddhist tattoo design is in contrast to the bald, fat, joyous figure with a round stomach. Laughing Buddhist tattoo design symbolizes happiness, prosperity, and being a protector of children. You can get this Buddhist tattoo design as a black outline with solid color filled and a cartoon-like appearance. 

3D Buddha

This type of Buddhist tattoo design usually involves a hyper-realistic image of Buddha. It is drawn in the traditional style of sculpture that you find in Buddhist temples and places where Buddha is worshipped. 


Tattoos are printed on the skin for a lifetime, and when you decide to get religious tattoos on your body, you have to think twice. If you decided to go for a Buddhist tattoo design, then you are representing spiritual imagery of Buddha that might be disrespectful to some people. However, Buddhist tattoo designs are great when combined with floral patterns. 

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