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3 Tips To Consider While Carving Your Personal Simple Tattoo Design

Simple Tattoo Design

Do you want to be a tattoo designer? Are you planning to make a career in the tattoo industry? Most popular tattoo designers across the globe became famous with their own tattoo designs. So what do you think about your simple tattoo design? Believe it or not, you don’t have to be an expert in carving those complicated designs.

Many television shows are available, like Miami Ink, where famous tattoo designers teach you to create your own tattoo design. Hence, whether you are interested in becoming a tattoo designer or not, you can still make your own simple tattoo design with minimal effort.

Thus, below are the tips that can help you in designing your own tattoo in no time!

Think About Tattoo Location

A lit up bridge at night

It seems like a no-brainer carving your tattoo where no one can see and appreciate it. You need to think about specific questions before you jump on finding the designs online for references. Do you want every person to see your tattoo? What do you think about carving tattoo on semi-private locations like shoulders, neck, cleavage, or abdomen?

If such questions confuse you, it’s better to consider the regular positions like fingers, forearms, legs, etc. The location will entirely depend on your choice and the type of simple tattoo design you curate. Once you have decided on the location, it’s time to search for some latest designs online.

Curate The Design On Your Own

A bird sitting on top of a pole

Regardless of having a creative hand, you need to search for different designs online and stay open to new ideas. There is no point making some changes in the existing design and naming the outcome as your personal simple tattoo design. A basic simple tattoo design can become jaw-dropping with a combination of different colors.

Instead of following trendy tattoo designs, develop your ideas, and show your creativity to the whole world. Even if you are not good at making sketches, basic tattoo designs are also OKAY. It would be better to pick some designs, combine them, and come up with your own simple tattoo design.

Select The Best Colors

Are you fond of saturated or non-saturated colors? Are you planning to make your tattoo designs colorful? Before you get mad behind your favorite colors, you should know the right way to buy and use the right ink colors. Now, these color touch-ups are necessary for bringing life to your tattoo design.

The more right colors you add to your tattoo, the better your tattoo design will grab viewers’ attention. Furthermore, never rush in selecting the right ink colors; you need to consider your skin color. It would be more better if you look for some references from an experienced tattoo designer.

Final Words

Considering these tips, you’ll be able to curate the best simple tattoo design. Take a moment and look for suggestions from the certified tattoo designers. Most designers will provide free consultations about curating your personal tattoo design.

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